10 Animals That Symbolize Loyalty In Love

We are used to thinking that only we human beings can set an example of faithfulness and loyalty to each other. However, among animals, there are also true romantics who are faithful to their mate/companion “in joy and in sorrow, until death do them part”.

On this site, we admire these faithful animals and wish to share with you the fundamental rules of their lives.

1. Penguins

These birds keep their hearts warm despite the harsh Antarctic weather conditions. They form long-lasting couples. Mum and dad incubate the eggs and take turns feeding their young. (Learn more about the symbolism of the penguin)

2. White Swans

white swans

Swans are faithful to their mate throughout their life. The family life of swans is characterized by beautiful qualities like friendship, compassion and mutual tenderness.

3. Eagles


It seems that the bald eagle was chosen as the national symbol of the USA because of its monogamous nature. (Learn more about the symbolism of the eagle)

4. Gibbons


Besides the fact that the union of these animals is extremely strong, their relationship is also terribly egalitarian.

5. Albatross


The secret of the lasting and strong relationship of the Albatross are the prolonged “business trips” of the male and the somewhat ridiculous but moving ritual dances of the female.

6. Wolves


The wolf treats his wolf with so much affection that only death can separate them. (Learn more about the symbolism of the wolf)

7. Castors


The head of the family is the female. The secret of a happy and lasting relationship with Beavers therefore lies in the infinite feminine wisdom.

8. Doves


In many literary works, doves are depicted as a couple, and over time they have therefore become a symbol of love and fidelity. They even served as inspiration for Shakespeare’s poem “The Phoenix and the Dove”.

9. Owls


The male courts the female for about a year. Then he builds her a house and invites her to live there. If the owl accepts the proposal and the couple has young, the male takes care of the family.

10. Foxes


If the female dies, the male never seeks another mate and lives as a single widower for the rest of his life. (Learn more about the symbolism of the fox)