10 scientifically proven ways to be more attractive

Science also analyzes the aspects that make us more… or less attractive.

Science has set itself the goal of uncovering the mysteries of everyday life, such as what makes some people more attractive than others.

In addition to research conducted on facial proportions or the influence of social status as elements improving the chances of finding a partner, lately, an infinite number of researches have been made to discover the particular points that help us to present ourselves as our best day.

How to become more attractive (or attractive)?

With these 10 scientifically proven tips, whether you’re a man or a woman, you could become more attractive than you ever dared to imagine. Anyway, the art of seduction should never be stressful!Just read these tips, enjoy life, and if you see that a few of these tips could be useful to you, apply them.

1. Head up and chin pointed

A series of studies have analyzed this question.

It would seem that both women and men are considered more beautiful and attractive when they have their head held high, tilted slightly to the side and their chin pointed up.

In fact, a comprehensive study published in 2011 in the scientific journal Evolutionary Psychology, which was carried out at the University of Newcastle, the angle at which the head tilts is an important factor in judging the degree of attractiveness of women. . It is a fact that the world of photography and fashion has been able to explore.

2. The importance of having white and healthy teeth

You just have to be a little observant to realize that having nice teeth is a key factor in being more attractive. There are several studies on this subject, for example that of Leeds University, which aimed to demonstrate that people with well-established white teeth were perceived as more sexually attractive by others.

The findings showed that well-established and evenly distributed white teeth were considered more attractive by both men and women.

3. Men: don’t smile too much

Several studies done at the University of Columbia in Canada have shown that faces with a preoccupied or melancholy expression were much more attractive to women than those with an extroverted expression and a permanent smile.

Basically, the study tried to find the psychological reasons why women tend to feel more attracted to “bad boys”.

4. Women: you guys, on the other hand, smile more

In the opposite direction, a study carried out by the National Institutes of Health in the USA showed that men feel more attracted to women who radiate joy and happiness.

This study showed that men are more likely to be attracted to girls who smile often.

5. Bearded men: more or less attractive?

This is a controversial point, given that not even science has a single opinion on the matter.

According to a study conducted in Oxford, women would find shaved male faces more beautiful than those same faces with a beard. Obviously, men with a lot of facial hair project a more aggressive image and are perceived to have higher social status.

However, other sources say the exact opposite about the attractiveness of bearded men. A study carried out at South New Wales University in Australia showed that “certain beards” are more attractive to women. It seems that beard types that are out of the ordinary attract the attention of a large portion of women.

attractive man

Some studies support the idea that beards have entered our society to stay there, as more and more women are attracted to bearded faces.

So, it would seem that men have two options: shave completely or invent something curious and attention-grabbing with their facial hair.

6. Red lips

There is a general rule: the color red has a special strength that can work in our favor when we want to attract another person. We will come back to this in another point.

Have you ever wondered why women wear lipstick? Quite simply because the majority of men find them more attractive that way.

For example, a study from the University of Manchester showed that during a conversation between a man and a woman, the man focuses his attention on the lips of the latter for half a second. However, if the woman has put on lipstick, this attention span can reach up to 7 seconds in a large number of the cases studied.

7. Scars: are they sexy?

The University of Liverpool carried out an in-depth study, which ended up revealing something surprising. Men with a clearly visible scar on their face seem more attractive to many women.

However, there is a downside: the scar is a characteristic seen positively only by women who seek sporadic relationships.

8. The importance of being a quiet man

It’s not hard to imagine that women perceive as more attractive men who have a calm, stress-free and nervous attitude. Calm and relaxed are positive values ​​in terms of attraction, as confirmed by a study published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

This same study shows that women tend to prefer quiet men for a matter of adaptation: they are more able to manage stressful situations without passing on their stress and negativity to children.

9. Whether you are a man or a woman, red is your ally

If you want to increase your attractiveness quickly and easily, follow this advice: wear red clothes. This is particularly effective if you are male. So, if you have a date with a woman who drives you crazy, choosing a shirt in this bright color is a good choice.

The explanation for this phenomenon is not simple: our brain makes curious associations between certain colors, emotions and values. When we talk about the color red, what usually comes to mind is passion, love, power and sexuality, among other things. Subconsciously, this can work in your favor.

10. The secret is: speak in each other’s right ear…

A series of studies on the subject of attraction and its relationship to our brains show that, very succinctly put, the left hemisphere of the brain has a greater involvement in the processing of verbal information and sensations. positive, while the right hemisphere processes non-verbal stimuli and negative emotions.

The crux of the matter is here: the left hemisphere of the brain works with the information that is received by the right ear, and vice versa. Knowing this, scientists indicate that when we receive stimuli at the level of the right ear, our brain begins to connect to positive emotions, optimism and, ultimately, pleasant sensations. So if you’re thinking of whispering a few words of love in a particular person’s ear, make sure it’s in their right ear.