14 tips to save money while traveling

I love to travel economically and one of my main goals is to spend as little as possible on travel. Why pay more than necessary? Keep reading because, in this article, we will give you all the leads you need to lower the price of your trips. Take note and plan your next trip!

1. Plan your trip

It is always important to organize your trip. I usually do it in Excel. I first place the approximate dates of my trip then the destinations where I want to go. It allows me to see if the time I want to devote to each city is appropriate and if the total time of my vacation is appropriate. Then I place the cost of transport, accommodation, food and daily expenses that may arise. This way, I know approximately what my trip is likely to cost me.

2. Avoid traveling in high season

Avoid the dates when everyone travels, that is to say in July and August, during the holiday season or the holiday dates of the places you go. If you have no choice, plan your trip in time to be able to get out of it as well as possible.

3. Choose your tickets

If you plan to fly, always check the best deals available before buying your tickets. The price of flights varies considerably depending on the month and even the day. Avoid traveling on weekends as prices are always higher. See if there are cheaper offers for cities near your destination, it could allow you to spend less.

4. Travel at night

I always try to do that when I travel, especially between two cities. It’s what I call the famous 2×1 because, while I travel, I sleep. This can be by train, bus or plane. The idea is to take long trips and sleep during the trip. It’s not always the most comfortable solution, but you avoid paying for a hotel night and you have more time during the day to visit the city.

5. Baggage

Try not to have a suitcase. If you really want to spend less while traveling, I advise you to bring a backpack that you can take in the cabin and for which you will not have to pay on low-cost flights. And they are generally much easier to carry than suitcases.

6. Don’t spend too much on housing

Who doesn’t like going to a luxurious and comfortable hotel? But think carefully: how long are you actually going to spend in the hotel? Minimum ! So spending so much money is not worth it unless you are going there to relax. In this case, every euro spent will be worth it. But if your idea is to go out and visit the cities you go to, save as much as possible on accommodation.

7. Use couchsurfing or do house swaps

The famous couchsurfing is one of the best ways to save money while traveling. On this site, you can ask someone who lives where you are going to welcome you to their home completely free of charge. The other possibility is to do a home exchange, which is ideal for long trips. This will allow you to save money on food, because you can cook at the same time. But not everyone has a home to trade.

8. Book online and sleep in hostels

If you don’t like sleeping with strangers, choose the cheapest option. Above all, look for the best prices and book your room in time because booking directly on site can be more expensive. And hostels are a great alternative if you’re traveling in a group, because rooms are shared. You can also meet people there and have a great time.

9. Transportation in cities

Don’t take a taxi; the best is to take public transport, which will allow you not to spend too much. A taxi can cost you three to four times more.

10. Walk as much as possible

If you walk, you will get to know the city better, you will stay in shape and you will discover more typical establishments of the place, which will allow you not to spend too much – because you can find the cheapest restaurants during your walks .

11. Buy in supermarkets and cook

The best way not to spend too much while traveling is to cook. Personally, I avoid expensive restaurants, prefer to shop at the supermarket and eat at home. If you want to try local food, plan a few days where you will go to the restaurants glimpsed during your walks or simply ask the people at the hostel or in the area for good places to eat. Food and accommodation are undoubtedly the main expenses of travellers.

12. Eat like the locals

If you don’t have a place to cook, eat like the locals: stay away from the touristy places in town and look for the small restaurants, which will always be filled with locals. The saving will be incredible and you will eat very well, because you will try the typical dishes at the local price.

13. Free tours

Whenever you go to a new place, search the internet for all the options available to you for taking free tours. For example, in Paris, every first Sunday of the month, museums are free. You can also find interesting places to visit where you don’t have to pay an entrance fee. Enjoy culture economically: it is not always expensive.

14. Read blogs

This is one of the most important tips. Bloggers have already visited the cities you want to visit, take the time to read the advice they give you. Bloggers are the best travel guides!