2023 Tattoo on the wrist for MEN Ideas

We are now going to focus on the wrist area as a place to place a tattoo. A tattoo on the wrist can be a great option if you want a small design that is not too flashy and easy to hide.

On the wrist, thanks to a watch or a simple bracelet, it is possible to make a tattoo invisible. If your goal is to be able to hide your tattoo whenever you want, we advise you to place it on the inside rather than the outside of the arm.

There are many designs associated with this area but the most common are first names or small phrases, stars, hearts, flowers or other designs.

wrist tattoo 55

In addition, the wrists are very chosen by those who decide to get a couple tattoo, between partners or between friends.

In addition to these patterns, there are also so-called “complementary designs”, i.e. those that are placed on both wrists and complement each other when placed together.

At lefrontal, we really like this tattoo area, but we would also like to remind you of a few things to consider when getting a tattoo, no matter the area of ​​it. Remember that there are hygiene standards that must be respected by the tattoo center you go to and that it is very important to choose a professional tattoo artist, to take care of the area of ​​your tattoo and to protect from the sun.

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¿What do the girls think of these designs?

As a girl, the wrist seems to me one of the sexiest parts of the body and a tattoo on the wrist is, in my opinion, one of the best options in the world of tattoos for a girl. I don’t like to make gender distinctions about it, I like that the designs are unisex and any part of the body is perfect for both a boy and a girl to get a tattoo on. .

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However, there are certain areas that (although a boy might use them), historically and considering their usage, we associate more with men or women. In the case of the wrist, it seems to me to be one of the typical places chosen by girls and I believe that it is a perfect place because of its subtlety, its beauty, its discretion and its size. For those who don’t like large tattoos or don’t want their design to attract much attention, the wrist is a place to consider and a part of the body where a simple design of limited size looks spectacular. .

wrist tattoo 73 wrist tattoo 35 wrist tattoo 147 wrist tattoo 99 wrist tattoo 105 Picture 02-1339

Red stars surrounded by black lines. The tattoo also occupies part of this girl’s forearm. This image is not of good enough quality and the design is not as great as the ones we are going to see in this gallery. Start looking at her and you’ll see some awesome tattoos you’ll want to have!


This woman has a very similar tattoo on both wrists. On one we can see the symbol of peace with the phrase ”let it out” which means ”let it out” and on the other wrist we can see a heart and the phrase ”let it in’,’ which means ”let him in”. Two very symbolic patterns that indicate someone peaceful, wanting to change the world.