25 young people created 500 accounts and scammed half a million euros from Amazon

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Believe it or not, each and every one of us can fall for a scam that can be quite expensive on some occasions. And if it isn’t, let them tell amazonthe great electronic commerce platform, which has seen how up to 25 young people have achieved scam more than half a million euros. However, these young people have already been detained by the National Police, but what was their modus operandi like?

Technology advances, but with it the different methods used by cybercriminals to be able to operate continue to evolve. In this case, they have been arrested in Spain by the National Policebut after a long investigation that they carried out since January 2021. However, there is no doubt that the scammers managed to make a large amount of money.

How did they act through Amazon?

Amazon scam exceeds half a million euros according to National Police sources. And it is that, the network that was led by up to six people, had a very particular modus operandi. Basically, the criminals demanded reimbursement for different products arguing that they were defective. However, when it came time to return them, he did not do so, so they kept them to later resell them on sale pages.

delivery shipping amazon

Keep in mind that, at the time of receiving the orders, they did not send it to their homes, but they went for them a self-service lockers. Not only did they even claim that the product was defective, but, on certain occasions, they also told Amazon that they had not received the product itself. Requesting at that very moment the return of the device.

For it, created up to 500 customer accounts. Through them, they managed to make all those purchases using along the way more than 400 virtual payment cards, as explained by the Police. Therefore, when creating these accounts, they were in charge of associating them with a new card. Using one to make different purchases from the same account. In addition, the products that they came to buy, for the most part, were high-end devices with which they could earn more money in a resale.

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As we had mentioned, cybercriminals began to be investigated by the Spanish National Police from January 2021. After the agents came to have real knowledge of the matter, as several young people were sending empty envelopes in their respective order returns. In addition, during said investigation they verified that each one of these returns corresponded to with a different Amazon customer account.

Therefore, based on these checks, they saw that there was a large group of young people who are in charge of carrying out different scams on the large electronic commerce platform. In addition, they were carried out up to four registers in Madrid. In them, the Police came to intervene more than one hundred thousand euros and a significant number of high-end devices. They even found documentation related to the different scams that had already been carried out by this group.

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