3 cameras and infinite battery

For less than €200, this is the mobile that I always recommend

not always necessary invest a lot of money to have a good mobile phone and, if not, tell someone! Xiaomi! Thanks to this firm, for only €199 you can have a powerful smartphone, with 3 cameras and a battery capable of offering 2 days of autonomy. Keep reading!

With the spring sales from Xiaomi, now it is even easier to get a good mobile at a scandalous price. All you have to do is take a look at amazing LITTLE M4 Prowhich has fallen to €199 with specifications that, with another brand, could well cost much more.

If you like daring mobiles, you should know that this is a safe bet. because you will be able choose the color you want, among which you will find a powerful yellow and a striking electric blue. Don’t worry if you’re more of a classic, because it’s also available in black. There are alternatives for all tastes! And regardless of the color you choose, the interior is going to pleasantly surprise you.

A mobile that has it all for only €199

This smartphone, like all of the line BITis characterized by having powerful specifications that will allow you to even play to somewhat heavier games. For that, it is essential that it have a good processor, good RAM and a screen according to all this. And it has it all!

For less than E200 this is the mobile that I

First of all, the processor it is a MediaTek Helio G96, powerful and versatile. This is accompanied by a 6GB RAM in its base model, while in the higher version we are talking about 8 GB. It is up to you to choose between one or the other, based on the use you are going to give the phone.

The batteryAs is often the case with all of Xiaomi’s mid-range, it is very good. not just because he has 5,000mAhbut also because it has a fast charge of 33W. Thanks to this, in less than an hour you will have your mobile fully prepared to return to action.

And, of course, we have to stop to talk about his screen. This is AMOLED, and is DCI-P3 compliant; Thanks to this, you will enjoy a chromatic range that will leave you speechless. It also has a very high contrast, with which you will notice each of the details. Have a size standard and resolution FHD+ with which you will not need anything else. As for the refresh rate, it offers 90 Hz. And 189hz touch sample rate!

Go for this discount

Beyond everything we have already pointed out, it has other interesting points. Like, for example, that you have a reading mode which will make the screen light much more pleasing to the eye. If you work checking emails, for example, you’ll notice this as a big plus point.

And we don’t forget the cameras! The rear has three lenses of 64 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP, so you can take high-quality photos. Along with this, it has FM Radio, nfc, headphone jack and dual speakers! Without a doubt, it has it all at a scandalous price. Because it could be yours for only €199 thanks to the discount right now on the Xiaomi website. Do not miss it!