3 decks that the best Clash Royale players have used

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Find the Ideal deck in Clash Royale It is a very difficult mission, especially if you are not an experienced player. Mainly because you don’t know the most powerful card combinations and this can mean defeat if you don’t hit the key. For this reason we have selected some of the decks that professional players use so that you become the king of the arena.

We’ve all tried to create a deck that presents a challenge for the opponent and we have finally been beaten. This is more common than you think, since it can take a few games to find a balanced deck in every way, both to attack and to defend. However, you can skip this step and go for one that you already know works quite well.

The best Clash Royale decks

In Clash Royale it is very important not to choose cards in a crazy way, since the medium elixir is decisive in combat. If you only choose cards with a price of 5 or more elixir, you will have a hard time defending the enemy’s rush. So the most feasible solution to not get your head and win the maximum number of games is to bet on one of these decks belonging to the best clash royale playersAlthough, of course, getting to control them like they do will take some time.

Ryley’s Mallet

Ryley has in Clash Royale with 7,855 cups currently, with a record of 8,764 trophies and is the leader of one of the most popular clans in the free Supercell game. Throughout his career he has used many decks, but one of the best is the one that is made up of the following with an average of 3.6 elixir:

  • Download
  • elite barbarians
  • healing spirit
  • battle ram
  • archer queen
  • Princess
  • Bandit
  • royal ghost

clash royale

It is a balanced deck where your attack is the battering ram, although this must be accompanied by cards that allow it to reach the tower. Your main asset is the Archer Queen and her attack that makes her invisible; while the Healing Spirit will allow you to quickly cycle your cards and heal your allies in an area. Also, the Princess is very good at long distance and the elite Barbarians can destroy any troop.

Keroro mallet

One of the greats of the Spanish Clash Royale community could not be missing. Keroro is a game professional and proof of this is his great versatility, since he can stand up to all his rivals with multiple decks. Among my favorites that he has used in his career, I prefer this:

  • Princess
  • Bombardier
  • ice mage
  • Download
  • noble giant
  • minions
  • electric wizard
  • Canyon

Again we come across a overbalanced deck and that it has a average 3.3 elixir. This means that it is a fast deck, but also powerful thanks to the mighty noble Giant, which manages to destroy structures from a distance with its great vitality. He tries to distract the troops with the Cannon at the same time that the Princess or the Bomber deal damage from afar. The two wizards will take care of slow down the troops and Minions are useful if the opponent’s thrown card can’t deal aerial damage or if you want to tag along with your attack.

Carl the Legend

with a number maximum trophies of 8,725, Carl the Legend sits close to Riley, though the latter’s win rate is much higher. However, Carl is characterized as one of the best aerial players in the world and if this style of play catches your attention, don’t hesitate for a second to try this deck:

  • big miner
  • lava hound
  • Download
  • Stone
  • Mega Minion
  • Ball of fire
  • skeleton dragons
  • bombastic balloon

clash royale

We are not going to lie to you, it is a very difficult deck to use in Clash Royale, but if you manage to master it you will win many games. The Big Miner is vital to annihilate troops with high health like the Noble Giant and his ability is vital to surprise the enemy and attack from the other side. If you haven’t unlocked it, you can substitute it for the Valkyrie and its area damage. Try to save the hound for the double elixir to give the surprise and accompany him with the balloon as soon as you can The fireball will serve to destroy any enemy defense and the Tombstone to attract the opponent’s attacking cards.