4 things we’d like to see on the Google Pixel 8

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There is no doubt that the Google Pixel 7 has been one of the best mobiles of the year 2022, standing out, above all, with a photographic section of guarantees. However, the upcoming Google Pixel 8 needs improve in four key aspects to be able to compete with the best smartphones on the market and in this article we have gathered those that, in our opinion, should not be missing from the next top of the range from the American company.

There are numerous rumors that are already beginning to circulate on the Internet about the Google Pixel 8, but this time we are not going to base ourselves on them. Rather, they are a series of demands that cannot be missing from the big G phone for keep up with mobile phones like the iPhone 14 or Samsung Galaxy S23.

Bet on a higher performance processor

It was with the Pixel 6 series when Google opted for its own chip under the name of Google Tensor in the same way that Samsung with Exynos. However, the CPU of the American brand fell somewhat short in terms of performance compared to the main competitors. The new Google Pixel 7 they have also failed to catch up with other processors in the ecosystem and this must be one of the issues to remedy with the launch of the Google Pixel 8.

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While it is true that the new generation chip reduced overheating and battery drain, although not in the most efficient way possible. Likewise, 3D rendering or ray tracing technology to play can be decisive.

A high zoom telephoto camera

The Google Pixel 7 cameras are among the best at the moment, but its telephoto lens is away from the capabilities of other devices, such as the Galaxy S23 Ultra. In this sense, the Internet giant should add a telephoto camera with higher zoom magnification in its smartphones, since other manufacturers such as Samsung have already done so for a while.

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Google has been very good at processing zoomed images through software, though Samsung has been leading the way in terms of hardware. The Mountain View company needs to get better at this last aspect, and one way to do it would be add a 10x zoom lens on your Google Pixel 8.

Long-term upgrade support

The Android operating system is developed by Google, but, paradoxically, its smartphones are not the ones with the most updates guaranteed. However, the company has promised that it will provide software support for three years and security patches for five years for its line of Pixel 7 phones.

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However, this promise of support doesn’t compare to the length of support Apple typically offers for its iPhones, and in fact, Samsung offers four years of Android updates.


One of the main complaints from users has to do with technical errors at the software level. Although the Android system of the previous Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 itself is not bad, your experience is not consistent across all deviceswhich means that the unit purchased by the user cannot be guaranteed to work properly or have problems.

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Therefore, in the future release of the Google Pixel 8, it is important that the company fixes these issues and offers a stronger, more optimal and premium user experience.