400 grams that you will take everywhere

logitech k380 tablet keyboards

Logitech is a renowned brand today. It has managed to position itself as one of the most sought after in terms of peripherals, and it is both for its specifications and for its design. Because, let’s not fool ourselves… Design does matter! Especially when we talk about a device that you will have to see every day on your work table.

Choosing a keyboard among all those on the market can be very, very complicated. Although offers like this, of PcComponentsThey make it much easier for us. Do not miss it!

A discounted and good quality Logitech keyboard

The K380 keyboard is one of the most purchased of the firm, and for good reason! First of all, it is clear that you have a minimalist design that fits easily on any desktop. In addition, it weighs only 400 grams, which makes it the ideal keyboard to take with you everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you have to take the subway, if you have a small backpack or if you don’t want to carry extra weight on the plane.

Along with this, another of his great advantages is that it is multi-device. It has buttons on the top row that will help you switch between three different devices quickly. If you work with a laptop and a tablet at the same time, for example, with this keyboard you can switch just by pressing a button.

logitech k380 tablet keyboards

it totally wireless, so it is perfectly compatible with practically any platform. As for the keysThese are membrane and very quiet. This makes it a great alternative for both the office and the University, as you won’t be disturbing those around you.

The drums It will not be a problem, since it works with two AAA batteries. These guarantee months and months of duration; moreover, from the firm itself they assert that you will get up to two million clicks. On a personal level, I will tell you that I have tried it and that, despite the hours I spend in front of the computer, the batteries give more than a year of autonomy.

Take advantage of the PcComponentes discount

As for others details What you should know before embarking on the adventure of buying this keyboard, it should be noted that Bluetooth has a range of 10 meters. In addition, this is Bluetooth 3.0, which provides great stability. You will not notice accidental disconnections or strange latencies.

the keyboard is compact, with which it does not have a numerical section. This makes it perfect for any tablet or iPad, and ideal for compact desktops.

You can find it in different colors, in order to choose the most appropriate for you. In addition, in PcComponentes they recommend you to acquire it together with the Logitech Pebble M350 mouse. If you get the complete pack, you can have both devices for less than €60. It’s a great opportunity!