5 Animals That Symbolize Peace and Hope

All types of symbols are assigned to animals. Often they are based on their behavior or their appearance, but sometimes it is not easy to make a connection, especially when it comes to concepts as ethereal as peace or hope.

In this article, we will see 5 animals that represent peace and/or hope and the reasons why they are associated with this symbolism.

1. Dove

The dove is the symbol of peace par excellence. And more precisely a white dove with an olive branch in its beak. Recognized as a symbol of peace after the wars of the 20th century, this dove has a biblical origin. She appears for the first time in the story of Noah’s Ark, where she was responsible for going to check the lowering of the waters after the universal flood. (Learn more about the symbolism of the dove)

2. Crane

The crane’s relationship with peace and hope stems from a legend that says that if a person is able to make 1000 origami paper cranes, they will either live a long life or recover from a serious illness. During World War II, a little girl suffering from the aftermath of the atomic bomb in Japan heard about this legend and started making little paper cranes. But she died after making 644. Since then, the figure of the crane has been strongly associated with hope and a monument has been erected in the Peace Park in Hiroshima in honor of this little girl, whose name was Sadako Sasiki.

3. Cow

The cow is an animal with a docile and peaceful character, which is why it is associated with peace. Since its meat and milk were the traditional food source for families, it is understandable that they were also associated with hope, as having livestock meant that basic needs would be met and the future presented itself. good. (Learn more about the symbolism of the cow)

4. Seagull

Centuries ago, when sailors made long sea crossings that could last for months, the first thing crew members saw when they approached land were seagulls flying near the coast. The association of this bird with hope is therefore very clear. Arriving on dry land represented the end of rationing, access to fresh food and fresh water: ultimately, hope for a better life. (Learn more about the symbolism of the seagull)

5. Beef

The ox is traditionally linked to the human race as a pack animal and appreciated for its strength but also for its docility. It is this amiable and quiet character that makes him a symbol of peace because, however harsh his living conditions, he remains calm and never gets angry. (Learn more about the symbolism of the ox)