5 essential programs to download any video you see on the Internet

download video

We must know that in most cases these websites that we are commenting on do not allow us to download this video content directly. Therefore, if necessary, we will be forced to resort to external solutions. Precisely to help you with these tasks, below, we will talk about a series of programs that facilitate the download videos from websites quickly.

It is worth mentioning that these will be extremely useful for many websites where we consume this type of content on a regular basis. So we can download these streaming videos from web pages to be able to watch them offline in the computer.

download video

4K Video Downloader

Here we find an application compatible with most of the most popular streaming video websites. We talk about 4K Video Downloader, a simple tool to download these contents from the internet. It must be said that it works effectively and does not slow down the download. To all this we can add that it is very easy to use, so it becomes a valid option for all types of users. We just copy the Online content URL and paste it into the program.

Video DownloadHelper

This this other software solution in the form of browser extension that allows us to download streaming videos directly. Once we add the extension to our favorite internet browser, we will see a new button next to the address bar. Thus, whenever we meet a online videowe only have to click on it to download that content to our PC in a simple way.


In this case we find an application focused on these same tasks, but somewhat more complete. With this we want to tell you that to download the contents that we mention, the first thing we do is copy the URL of the web page to the clipboard have streaming videos. Next, we just have to paste it into the application so that JDownloader takes care of scanning the page for all the videos.

To finish the process, we only have to choose the contents of that website that we want to download to our computer from among all those detected. As you can imagine, this makes it easier for us to download multiple videos simultaneously.

Freemake Video Downloader

This is one of the most well-known and used applications of this type for years. In this way Freemake Video Downloader lets us download all kinds of internet videos, and is compatible with most popular sites. In addition, it is free and very easy to use, all with compatibility with AVI, FLV, MKV, MP4 or WMV formats.

youtube dl

The main difference of this program with respect to those mentioned above is that this is a solution focused on Advanced users. That’s something we’ll notice right away because it works through the Command line. Thus youtube-dl offers greater control over the video download processes. However, it is more complicated to use, especially if we want to get the most out of it.