5 incredible tips to make a good impression

How to make a good impression? Making a good impression on others depends on what we show of ourselves, externally and internally. There are aspects that we perceive in others consciously and unconsciously. The aspects that are perceived by others can be controlled: we can work on them, change them and, thus, improve the impression we make on them.

Impressions are generally subjective but there are some general patterns. For example, beauty and appearance criteria such as hygiene and style help create an image and personality from the first moment.

However, the inner aspects of a person are more difficult to identify from the first impression. It is only with time and frequentation that it will be possible to understand the inner world of a person and the different aspects of his personality.

Our memories system works through associations and categories. Each time we face a new situation or an unknown person, to register it at the cerebral level, we make a connection with someone or something that we have already known in the past.

If you want to make a good impression on everyone you meet for the first time, here is a series of tips:

1. Take care of your appearance. 50% of the first sight judgment is based on physical appearance (hair color, eyes, clothing, style, body language), 40% on voice and 10% on dialogue content.

A good physical appearance is very important, which is why you must learn to know yourself well on a physical level, but also inside, to achieve a balance that will allow you to project a positive image of yourself.

2. Presentation. The way you talk about yourself or present yourself is vital to making a good impression. It is you who will allow others to admire you or devalue you, ignore you. The best thing is not to go to extremes, that is, not to be too self-effacing or self-assured, but realistic and confident.

3. Be kind or sympathetic. Treat the people in front of you well and be empathetic: really try to understand them and establish a positive relationship.

4. Inspire confidence. Pay attention to what others say to you and show interest in them.

5. Avoid dominating the situation. Avoid being defensive or too superior, because this can harm you and make your relationship with others more difficult, making others feel uncomfortable with you.

When a person tries to make a certain impression and fails, there is a difference between how they perceive themselves and how others perceive them. When this is the case, it is important to undertake work on the level of self-esteem and identity, to determine if there is a coherence between the way the person feels and sees himself and those the others see it.

good impression

To make a good impression and establish a positive relationship with others, connect with yourself, with your inner world and with who you are, because if you know yourself well, you will project a much clearer image of yourself, empathetic and free from conflict – concludes a specialist.