5 reasons to do it in 2023

2023 Kia Sportage plug-in hybrid

The hybrid car is the preferred option

According to a recent report by RACE, when choosing a motor for a new car, the leap that hybrid vehicles have experienced stands out.

They have gone from being the preferred option for 24.6% of drivers to be so for 42%, well ahead of the 15% who choose gasoline, the 13% who opt for diesel and the 12% who prefer electric according to the Observatory of Drivers. And there, and in a good way for everyone, we have the plug-in hybrid car.

A plug-in hybrid that, thanks to its technology, has been seen as the most interesting if we opt for them and, for the moment, not for the 100% pure electric. In these, the truth is that your purchase has reasons and advantages to do soand that it can be a great idea for the next 2023.

Everything that the plug-in hybrid offers us

Because surely you have ever heard people talk about putting plug-in hybrids through the roof: that they are better than conventional hybrids, that they allow you to enjoy absolutely each and every one of the advantages of electric ones…

Well yes, they are right. This electromobility technology, the plug-in hybrid, is adapting in a wonderful way to the needs of users and to current technological development. That is why we believe that if you are thinking of buying a new car in 2023, this type of variant will be the big winner. We tell you some reasons.

High levels of autonomy

This is one of the considerations that we like the most, and of which we know that they will also ask us to apply for a plug-in hybrid. Because, unlike pure electric, there are certain plug-in models that offer a 100% electric autonomy in conjunction with a combustion engine.

It does this by allowing the daily routes of the vast majority of drivers to be covered with up to 50 kilometers of emission-free driving. The numbers increase to 70 kilometers of electric autonomy in urban routes and its distance can be doubled if you have a charger, or a conventional power outlet.

2023 Kia Sportage plug-in hybrid

Zero Emissions Label

Of course, any plug-in hybrid with more than 40 kilometers of autonomy in electric mode obtain the 0 Emissions label of the DGT.

This means multitude of advantagessuch as free access and mobility around Madrid or Barcelona, ​​registration tax, circulation tax and even being able to park in different areas at a reduced cost or, directly, free.

Lower cost of use

Something important, in addition, is that a plug-in hybrid allows a energy cost savings compared to a combustion model or a hybrid. Of course, that saving is directly related to the frequency with which we recharge it by plugging it into the network.

In the best of cases, with daily trips in electric mode and frequent recharges, the cost of using a pure electric vehicle can be reached. In addition, there are also some advantages in maintenance cost, since it consumes less discs and brake pads due to the regenerative braking system; and the combustion engine suffers less wear due to its less use.

A good alternative to 100% electric

Likewise, if you are afraid or have doubts about taking the step directly to an electric car, a plug-in hybrid can be an interesting alternative that will eliminate the anxiety for the autonomy that any owner of an electric car can accuse.

After all, you will always have a Internal combustion engine to make any trip without worrying about stopping to recharge the battery.

sporty feeling

Despite the fact that plug-in hybrid cars are intended to achieve the greatest possible efficiency, they also offer sporty sensations when both engines are at full capacity or we choose a sport driving mode.

The immediacy of response when we step on the accelerator pedal and the way he pushes also affect this character. The combined performance of both engines makes it possible to offer great performance to plug-in hybrid models.