6 Tips to Make an Older Man Fall in Love

Many women feel attracted to people who are much older than them.

While being with someone older than you is fine, there are some things that will keep you apart. But if you are ready to pay this price, do not hesitate:

1. Be aware of the age difference

Today it is probably not important for you, you may not even notice it but, over the years, if the difference is significant (more than ten years, even twenty or thirty years) this difference will be more and more noticeable: it will already be approaching old age when you are at the peak of your life.

On the other hand, if you’re only five years or less apart, you probably won’t ever notice it.

2. Don’t pretend to know something you don’t

If, because of his age or job, he knows more things than you or just knows different things, don’t try to match him, there is nothing wrong with not knowing something. thing. On the contrary. If the topic interests you, pay attention and learn.

3. Ask her for advice

Of course, this is only valid if you really want to hear and follow his advice. He will feel flattered that you consider him to be an intelligent person and that you take his advice into account when making decisions.

4. Don’t think that because of your age you are necessarily more attractive.

Youth comes to an end, and while his will end sooner than yours, if you want a serious relationship, try to base it more on emotional connection than physical attraction.

5. Don’t assume he has money

Not all older people have money. Some live well and have property because they have worked hard for years, and not precisely because they are wealthy.

Therefore, if your main interest is economic, do not think that a realized person necessarily has a lot of money. It may have taken him years to pay off his house or his car, and it’s also possible that those loans have not yet been fully paid off.

6. Be yourself

Regardless of the age of the person you want to seduce, it is very important that you be yourself. Don’t try to sound “more interesting” or “intellectual.” All ages have their attractions and lack of experience is even one of them.