7 animals that symbolize constancy and perseverance

Perseverance and constancy are qualities highly valued by humans but which we can also find, in one way or another, in animals. This is why some have become its symbol, because of their attitude towards life. To find out which animals best symbolize perseverance and constancy, read the following list carefully:

1. Ant

The ant is a good example of perseverance. When this little animal wishes to go through a path, nothing can prevent it. You can push it away, you can put obstacles in its way, you can do anything to try to stop it, it will always try to start again. (Learn more about the symbolism of the ant)

2. Swallow

The swallow is a migratory bird and every year it makes the same journey to warmer lands: this is why it is associated with constancy. Whatever happens, you can be sure that the swallows will make their journey. (Learn more about the symbolism of the swallow)

3. Turtle

The relation of the tortoise with the concepts of constancy and perseverance is due to the famous fable of the hare and the tortoise. In it, the slowest animal and the fastest animal compete in a race. It is the demonstration that success is always obtained thanks to continuous efforts and not because of great abilities. While the hare, confident, wasted his time having fun, the tortoise, with his slow but steady step, reached his goal first. (Learn more about the symbolism of the turtle)

4. Beaver

The beaver builds levees and dams on rivers with branches and mud. He knows that the current of the stream is permanent and that often the result of his work will be affected by the action of the water which will carry away the materials with which he built his dam, but that does not prevent him from continuing to do it. The beaver is therefore in continual struggle with the river, which never stops. This is why it is easy to understand the symbolism that links it to perseverance.

5. Salmon

Another obvious example of riverside perseverance is Salmon. It is a freshwater fish that swims up rivers to spawn. He might give in to difficulties and go somewhere else, but instead he fights against the force of the river and goes on steadily until he reaches the top. The salmon is therefore one of the most obvious symbols of the fact that perseverance and constancy can overcome the greatest difficulties.

6. Woodpecker

There are few manifestations of perseverance as clear as that of the woodpecker. This bird is not intimidated by the toughness of the task ahead and he knows that, although he has a difficult job to do, thanks to his consistency, he will achieve his goal. Although each time he strikes with his beak on the wood, the impact he produces on the tree is minimal, he knows that the accumulation of these impacts will allow him to achieve his goal and he never despairs .

7. Bee

Perseverance and hard work are closely linked and the bee is an incredibly hardworking insect, dedicating its life to building swarms and making honey for its community. Her life is totally dedicated to this task and she does not wish to change this vocation. The bee works and works constantly so that each bee in its community lacks nothing. (Learn more about the symbolism of the bee)