7 Cancer-Causing Foods You Should Stop Eating Today

Food plays a very important role in the health of each of us. There are healthy foods with great health benefits that protect the body from certain diseases. However, there is also lots of harmful foods, which introduce dangerous substances into our body and can cause serious illnesses like cancer.

Carcinogenic foods are present in many diets and many people are still unaware of the harm they are doing to their health by eating them. We’ll reveal which are the 7 most carcinogenic foodswhich ones you should stop including in your diet.

Microwave popcorn

Microwavable popcorn packets contain hazardous substances that create perfluorooctanic acid during the microwave cooking process.

The solution?

If you like popcorn and you love to eat it while watching a movie, prepare it yourself, with organic corn and vegetable oil. It is a healthy, economical and very simple option.

The dried meat

Dried meat has been presented in recent years as a healthy snack full of protein, which has wrongly convinced many consumers. However, many studies have shown that this type of meat contains nitrites, substances recognized as likely to contribute to cancer. Nitrites allow the meat to retain its fresh appearance and thus, to be marketed for several months.

The solution?

Avoid consuming dry meat and prefer meat from grass-fed beef.

The canned goods

Several studies have shown that the canned food could be carcinogenic due to of a component called Bisfenol-A (BPA), present in cans. There is no unanimous opinion that can confirm the level of BPA present in canned foods, nor to what extent BPA was (or was not) transferred to the foods contained in the cans.

The solution?

Reduce the consumption of canned foods and find out what specifically BPA-free foods are available on the market.

Transgenic foods

Food transgenic are genetically altered products. During their cultivation process, they are sprayed with herbicides and pesticides. These products can affect the quality of the food without the consumer realizing it. Chemicals that come into contact with food can cause cancer and other types of illnesses.

The solution?

Support local growers and buy organic foods.

Sweet and sparkling refreshments

Sweet fizzy drinks seem very refreshing on hot days and when we need something to drink. However, they are not healthy because, apart from containing about 8 packets of sugar per serving, they also contain a whole host of chemicals linked to the development of cancer. The agent 4-MI (4-Methylimidazole), which gives cola drinks their characteristic brown color, has been linked to thousands of individual cases of cancer. Plus, these drinks contain high-fructose corn syrup, which may help fuel cancer-causing cells.

The solution?

Avoid consuming sweetened sparkling drinks and prefer natural fruit juices and water instead.

“Light” and diet foods

Many people think that eating “light” foods will allow them to have a more balanced and healthier diet. The sad truth is that these foods simply contain less sugar and fat, but do not cause weight loss. Furthermore, they contain certain substances that could increase the risk of cancer: this is the case with artificial sweeteners.

The solution?

Have a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables and cereals.


It is so easy to eat a snack to calm a craving or satisfy our need to consume something to continue our day! But the fried snacks so easy to find in the market and in stores contain an element carcinogenic due to the high cooking temperatures of the food. This component, known as glycidamidecomes from the metabolism of acrylamide. This substance is produced by high temperature frying of these foods.

The solution?

Calm your cravings with fruit, a natural milkshake, yogurt, dried fruit, herbal teas or any other healthy food that can provide a feeling of satiety.