7 ways to watch their series and movies in your home

7 ways to watch their series and movies in your home

If you have the Movistar deco you can watch Prime Video to watch the series and exclusive movies and documentaries from the streaming platform. For example, exclusive Spanish shows and documentaries and series like “El Cid” but also Prime Video original international hits like “Los anillos de poder”.

How to watch Amazon Prime Video

To access the contents there are several options from the decoder. If you have a Smart TV you can install the application directly but the deco gives us access to all Prime Video content in seven different ways…

from home

If we go to the “Home” of the Navistar decoder we can see the different content or channels. We simply have to touch “OK” on the “Prime Video” section, as we see in the screenshot below. In addition, we can also see it from the home screen in the highlights that are under “last viewed channels” where we can play different series or movies.

Search the contents

Use the Movistar deco search engine to search for the specific content you want as if it were something else that is part of what the operator already offers. Just go to the search engine and dictate or write what you want to find.

look for the dial

Although it is less common, we can also do it from dial 102 of the Movistar decoded. Look for the dial among all the channels of the deco and you will access Amazon content to choose between the available series and movies.

Use voice control

Movistar offers Aura to users, the voice control service is available from the voice command of the streaming service so we only have to say what we want to make it happen. In this case, we can ask you to open the Amazon Prime Video service with the words we want. For example, “open Prime Video” or you can just say “Prime Video” to open it. Once inside you can search exactly the content that interests youthe series or movie that you like and that you want to have in front of you.

From the applications

From the street of applications or the carousel, we can also find this option. We will see all the applications that we have installed and in the video applications you can find Amazon’s to access the categories and content.

featured content

From the streets of the decoder, through the highlights and banners, you can also find access to Amazon Prime Video to search for series or movies.

From other contents

We may also find it from the tab of other content that we see from the Movistar deco. If you go to other content and go to tabs or sections such as “similar” or “cast” or “theme” they may take you to these contents.

What to keep in mind

To access the series or movies, it is not enough to have a Movistar deco, but we must always have an Amazon account and pay it month by month or year by year. Once we have the active subscription, we just have to log in.

We can log in using any of these methods with our username and password and linked the decoder to the Amazon customer account.

7 ways to watch their series and movies in your