8 special types of dreams we don’t tell anyone

Have you ever had a “weird” dream? Something that seemed like “more than a dream”?

You may have wondered if you suffer from imbalance. You probably haven’t told anyone, so you don’t get weird looks.

However, in the world of dreams there are many more things than what we have been taught and it is very likely that you have already had one of these “special dreams” that we describe below:

1. Pre-cognitive dreams

These are dreams in which we seem to anticipate the future. We see an event that then actually happens or we receive news in a dream that life confirms.

Many people take these dreams very dramatically because, in general, the information comes in the form of a nightmare, with a strong emotional impact. Coincidence? Premonition?

2. Dreams of visits

These are dreams in which we see or communicate with dead people. These “meetings” are usually full of peace, as if that person is coming to tell us that they are fine.

Unlike the previous category, people who have this type of dream generally wake up with a feeling of relief and the revelation of a deep certainty of life after death.

3. Lucid Dreams

In these dreams we realize that we are dreaming. We are aware that our body is in bed while we visualize and experience certain scenes. Sometimes we can even change certain aspects of the dream at will.

Lucid dreaming is a natural ability that we all possess. In the past, these dreams were used to induce a healing process. It is possible to practice lucid dreams and then use them to effect changes in our attitude or to find solutions to our problems.

4. Shared dreams

In these dreams, two different people dream of the same thing or the dreams of both people contain similar aspects; for example, details of the location or things that occur during the dream.

These dreams are not very frequent but they do exist. You have to be careful. To discover that we have had one of these dreams, we must get into the habit of telling our dreams to the people who appear in them. When these dreams happen, they are very surprising because they show us the strength of the connection we have with others, regardless of the distance.

5. Cumulative Dreams

Sometimes we dream that we are waking up and even getting up, but soon we realize that it is a dream and we really wake up. These dreams are called “false awakenings” and sometimes we have several of them in the same night.

If, instead of waking up, we dream again, these dreams are called cumulative dreams. A dream within a dream. It’s as if our mind is setting a trap for us, simulating that we have already got up, so that we can sleep “a little more”.

6. Prodromal dreams

In these dreams, the subject receives information about an illness from which he suffers but of which he does not show symptoms.

The body, with great wisdom, sends signals; but sometimes, in the madness of present life, we are not attentive enough to notice it. This is why this information seeps into the dream world. Many people have discovered a disease in this way and there are very serious studies about it because, through this type of dream, it would be possible to quickly detect people who need early treatment.

7. Numinous Dreams

These are dreams where we contact spiritual figures, guides or beings of light. The person who dreams receives comfort, messages or even concrete orientation for daily life.

It is immediately noticeable that these are not “ordinary” dreams but that a special energy exists in them. After having had one of these dreams, you must meditate on the message received. Often there are big revelations in these.

8. “Eureka” Dreams

These are dreams where one finds the solution to a problem. The famous dream of scientist Von Kekulé, which allowed him to solve a chemistry problem that was driving him crazy, is one of the classic subjects of researchers in this field. But Von Kekulé is not the only one. The creator of the helicopter, that of the sewing machine and hundreds of inventors and artists (including John Lennon and his famous song “Imagine”), claim to owe their best creations to a dream.

Dreams are not just the nightly machinations of our subconscious. They are also an enormous field of information and experiences that allow us to explore reality, to transform ourselves and even to heal.

Start valuing your dreams. Each of them carries within them a marvelous treasure of growth.