a laptop for only €189


Get a laptop for less than €200 It is a very, very complicated task. But there are always special occasions when such opportunities arise, and they should not be missed! This time it has been fnac the store that has offered us such a huge discount.

If you were looking for a computer for day-to-day use, with which to study or consult content on the Internet, this is yours. We are talking about chrome book 4 from Samsung, a versatile laptop that will accompany you without problem throughout your day.

A laptop at 50%: only €189!

As you may have guessed, we are talking about a laptop that has inside Chrome OS as operating system. And this, far from being a drawback, is a great advantage for certain profiles of people. Chromebooks are very light computers, with good battery, intuitive and perfect for studying or working.

But let’s go by parts! The first thing you should know about this computer is that it has a screen 11.6 inches. It is small, and therefore it is ideal for you to take it with you everywhere in your backpack. The screen is LCD and has a resolution of 1,366 x 768; you won’t need anything else, considering the size. To this we must add that it has some Integrated Intel UHD Graphics 600which will make you enjoy the best image quality.


Inside it hides a Intel Celeron N4000 processor dual-core, which has a speed of 1.1 GHz. In addition, it has a RAM of 4 GB that will allow you to work as smoothly as possible. The storage is somewhat scarce, 32 GB SSD, but thanks to its connection with Google Drive it will not be something you notice at all.

As for other interesting details that you should know, we must emphasize that withstands splashes. This is a plus, especially if we are talking about a laptop that is going to travel a lot. And the drums? This is one of its great strengths: more than 12 hours of freedom with a single charge.

All the versatility of a Chromebook

Another of the strengths of a Chromebook like this is that, despite the incredible battery it has, weighs just over 1kg. So it is one of the best devices when traveling.

If you haven’t tried Chrome OS yet, you have to! It’s a system very sure and very easy to use for those who do not move too well with other systems. For those who are thinking of getting a computer for day-to-day use, to consult information, study… It is one of the best alternatives! Especially to amazing price who is right now. do now with this powerful Chromebook for only €189!