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box organize cables

What types can we find?

In the market we can find different types of cable organizers, being convenient to know how to differentiate them, to be able to choose the one that best suits us according to our needs.

  • Organizer with self-adhesive: These are cable organizers that, in general, are attached to a surface such as the desk.
  • Cable Wrap Organizers: these types of models are responsible for wrapping the cables. It is very useful to organize the cables of the PC monitor or television.
  • Cable guide organizers: this model is responsible for guiding the cable so that it does not hang. It is mainly used in the gutters to hide the telephone cable.
  • organizer boxes: as the name suggests, they are perfect boxes to use on the nightstand, the work table or together with the television to have everything more organized.

What should we look for before buying?

If we want to buy a cable organizer, before choosing the first one we find, it is convenient to take into account a series of characteristics that we must pay attention to.

  • Storage type and design: deciding how and where we want to keep the cables is important when choosing an organizer. If we need it for our desk or to keep a piece of furniture free of tangles. If we want to hide the cables on the vita or simply keep them tidy. Depending on where we are going to install it, the design for which it was conceived will vary. It is possible to find clips, covers or even boxes where everything is out of sight.
  • Use: It is important to know what type of use we are going to give it. If we want to group large and thick or smaller cables. We must also think about whether we will use the organizer frequently to change the cables or if we prefer that it can be configured and left fixed.
  • Length: if we know the length of the cables that we want to group, it can allow us to better choose the desired organizer so that it is capable of covering its entire length. There are models that can be counted to make them more precise and others that can be coupled together to completely cover the length of the wiring.
  • Quantity we are going to order: It is also important to know how many cables we are going to group inside the organizer. Depending on the quantity will depend on its size and diameter to be able to group the cables correctly. For 1 to 5 cables, it can be used with a thickness of between 2 and 5 mm. If it is between 6 and 10 cables, we will need a larger diameter depending on whether the cables are thin or thick.
  • MaterialsNote: Not all organizers are made from the same materials. They can be made of hard plastic, soft plastic, metal, silicone or nylon. Depending on its hardness, flexibility and quality, we can choose one type or another in particular.
  • Price: what we are willing to spend will greatly influence the product we can choose. However, it should be noted that they are not very expensive products since we will be able to find various options from €6 for the most basic options to €50 or €60 for a box.

box organize cables

Cable organizers: the cheapest

To be able to organize our cables it will not be necessary to spend too much money. These options are as useful as they are affordable for all budgets.

Syncwire – cable management clips

It’s about a cable organizer with adhesive so that we can fix it where we want. Its installation is done in a few seconds, since we only have to wash and dry the surface where we want to hook it to be able to organize all the cables on our work table. It should be noted that a total of five units, more than enough for any average user.

Syncwire cable clip organizer

They are made of high quality silicone that we can use safely as it is able to retain its viscosity over time, being able to adhere to all surfaces such as plastic, wood, glass without falling off. In addition, it hardly leaves any wear marks.

Its price is around €8.

DriverGenius ZD-160 – Reusable Cable Organizers

We are talking about a pack that includes 50 small reusable cable organizers that we can use in all kinds of situations. They work by velcro, and their self-gripping hook design makes them easy to put on while they can be replaced very simply. They have been made of nylon fabric which allows them to be resistant as well as durable.

DriverGenius ZD-160 – Reusable Organizer

Both the hooks and the fabrics are completely distributed by two sides. This allows connect 2 or more wires together to create longer pieces. It is a perfect accessory to organize and control computer cables, HDMI cables, headphones, chargers, etc.

Its price is around €9 the package.

Wertmann – Neoprene cable covers

This model from the Wertmann firm has three meters long and quality finishes to guarantee great resistance, designed to eliminate the tangle of cables both at home and in the office. This cover allows to optimally organize and protect the cables from any possible damage.

Wertmann - Neoprene cable cover

it’s possible trim the cover so that it fits exactly to the desired size without the adhesive closures coming off. In addition, its diameter can be adjusted flexibly to be able to bundle some cables firmly, and it can be used on both sides in both black and white so that it can match the decoration of the room.

Its price is around €16.

MOSOTECH – Cable organizer covers

In this case we find a product Very versatile, since we can adapt its length according to our interests. We will only need scissors to trim the excess material. Package includes two cable organizers, each of them with a length of 1.5 meters and a diameter of 26 mm to contain between 8 and 10 cables. The other with 22 mm diameter to include between 6 and 8 cables.

MOSOTECH – Cable organizer cover

sold in Gray so you can match any black or light background. The cables can be removed without cutting the sleeve as it has pre-made holes. Since it is a flexible material that allows us to wrap the cables in seconds to have a more organized environment.

Its price is around €13.

SITAKE – USB Cable Organizer Sleeves

We are talking about a complete game of four covers that allows us to store cables in a practical way. They allow the cable to be well protected, preventing it from filling with dust and other stains, so that we can have a more uncluttered desk. It is easy to use, since it will only take three steps. First we hook the cable to the box, then we put the lid on and turn the notch until we adjust the length we need.

SITAKE - USB Cable Sleeves

The plastic box has measures of 6.3 x 1.7cm, being very light and suitable for both home, office or even to take it on a trip. Since it can be adjusted to various lengths of cable, it can be coiled up and prevent tangling. It is manufactured in ABS plastic environmentally friendly, being easy to clean and hard to break.

Its price is around €10.

Boxes and trays to store and organize cables

We can also opt for boxes and trays where we can store all the cables, as well as power strips and even plugs to keep everything well organized.

D-Line EU – Cable Management Box

It is an excellent option to store plugs and cables, as well as power strips. Its design is elegant and technical so that it can fit perfectly with the decoration of our home. Dispose of 3 rear slots cable entry and exit which allows us to move the cables to the right, left or center, according to our needs. Made in electrically resistant ABS plasticit is perfect for protecting cables and offering greater security in the home, since it makes them less accessible to pets and babies.

D-Line EU – Cable Management Box

This box allows you to store both plugs and 6 element strips with a length of up to 3400 mm. We will be able to store the cables and combine them with the different most advanced technological devices thanks to their curved ends and polished finish.

It is the best seller on Amazon and its price is around €20.

Stilemo – Cable organizer tray

These two trays have a practical and elegant design made of steel Powder-coated for ultra-strong and long-lasting durability. To verify this, it has the TUV Rheinland certification that ensures a support of up to 5 kg. It is therefore an elegant and sophisticated solution to keep all our cables, power strips and plugs in good order.

Stilemo - Cable Organizer Tray

Additional bonus accessories are included with the trays, such as 10 flexible, durable and reusable fabric ties. It also has 6 cable clips which can attach to both horizontal and vertical surfaces. It can be easily mounted on any wooden, MDF or chipboard desktop with its 8 included screws.

Its price is around €37.

QUTHZZHY – Set of 3 cable management boxes

We talk about a fancy box set with which to keep our cables tidy. They combine the white color with wood grains to perfectly match the decoration of our home. Boxes come in three sizes: Large (15.9 x 6.1 x 5.3 inches), Medium (12.5 x 5.3 x 5.1 inches), and Small (9.3 x 4.5 x 4 inches). ,8 inches).

QUTHZZHY - Set of 3 cable management boxes

Inside we find space inside for a power strip, plugs and loose cables. It is manufactured in eco-friendly ABS plastic, being a non-toxic material. It is ideal for protecting our cables and accessories from both children and pets. It also has a cover specially designed for mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras and other types of devices to be able to charge them safely.

Its price is around €36.

ZWWZ – Wooden box to organize cables

It is a storage box made of ecological solid wood, high quality and very practical that we can use to organize cables. In addition, the lid surface can also be used as a shelf to place small potted plants and other decorative items. The case is resistant to both high and low temperatures, as well as corrosion.

ZWWZ – Wooden box to organize cables

This practical box can be used for plugs, power strips, USB cables, surge protectors, adapters, etc. It is ideal for keeping our cables organized and keeping any room clean and tidy. Also, helps protect children and pets from direct contact with power panels and other electrical equipment. Its measurements are 30 x 15 x 13 cm.

Its price is around €53.

Our recommendation

As we have seen, we have a wide variety of articles to be able to always keep all our cables organized. We have different options and prices so that we can choose the one that best suits our needs.

We especially like the cover MOSOTECHsince it is a very versatile product to be able to organize all our cables inside, being able to adjust it to the length we need, since we can easily cut it.

We also find the cable organizer box very interesting D-Line EU, which is characterized by having an excellent value for money, which makes it one of the best-selling options on Amazon. It is made of ABS plastic and includes different slots to insert the cables. Inside it allows a strip of up to 6 sockets.