air signs and love

Knowing the perspective that people have of love is much easier if you look at it from astrology, since each sign of the Zodiac belongs to a natural element that defines this feeling. For this reason, in this post we are going to indicate what love is like according to the air stars (Gemini, Aquarius and Libra) who have a very controversial way of loving and a special guide is needed to understand it, because, believe it or not, they have his heart, although freedom is the most important value for them.

loving freedom

One of the things you should know is that Gemini, Aquarius and Libra are sociable and friendly people. In their own way they captivate and have a few followers, however, in matters of Cupid these they are considered true heartbreakers Why? It turns out that very few are capable of sharing the same ideals as them. To begin with, the concept of fidelity does not exist for them, because they believe that sexual variety does not imply sentimental commitments.

Faced with this idea, stars like Virgo or Taurus they are completely disappointed. This trident of air does not bet on restrictions either, because love does not force another person to change, on the contrary, you have to support them in the projects that are drawn up, that is what a couple is about: not to prevent but to create and promote. Jealousy is not contemplated for them either, however, here we must make a small exception with Gemini, who differs a little from the companion of Aquarius and Libra. The twins are sometimes somewhat possessive with their better half, however, they do not like that they are jealous, they apply a double standard. How strange Gemini doing their thing!

loyal to sentiment

Now, it is necessary to mention that this group of signs does not only have defects. We must admit that the heart of such natives is really large and when they love they do it forever. It does not matter if the person moves away, they will maintain the feeling of reciprocity towards him, since they consider that love is not diluted, on the contrary, it is born, grows and remains for the rest of our lives. These signs are the typical people who do not set conditions and if they have to let you go to fulfill your dreams, they will do so without pettiness. They honor the principles that govern their own minds.

They do not give their arm to twist regarding this and when they finally decide to start a family they do it with the right person, the one who accepts them without passionate conditions where rationality prevails and love manifests itself in its pure form or natural, at least this trident believes it. On the other hand, they highly value intelligence, independence, ideas and especially the level of rationality. Attacks of jealousy, hysteria, drama, crying and pain are not accepted by this trio who, before falling in love, take care of these behaviors. However, once he does, he gives himself up uncontrollably and shows what an excellent lover he is.