AliExpress messes it up and breaks the price of this projector with Android

AliExpress messes it up and breaks the price of this projector with Android

For those who are Cinema lovers, there is nothing like getting a good projector to enjoy a very similar experience in your home. If you were looking for an alternative, the one we bring today is one of the best you will find. And we are talking about an incredible projector with android which has plummeted its price on AliExpress. You can not lose this!

When buying for AliExpressThere are many people who do not feel safe. There are many myths regarding this, many false beliefs that it is easy to fall for deception on this website. The truth is that, if you know how to buy, there is no mystery. We are going to put you as an example this android projector which we are going to talk about today, so you can see how to find a good product.

The first thing to always check is how many products Have been sold. In this case, the number amounts to more than 600; it is important enough for us to know that there are people who have trusted the seller. After this, we must review the reviews and the ratings: it has 250 comments, and its average score is 4.7 out of 5. There are many reviews, and very positive! This already means that we can completely trust the product. In addition, it has free return, it has buyer protection and it has free shipping too! In just a few minutes, we already know that this Android projector is totally legit.

Is an Android projector worth it?

One of the first questions that those who want a projector usually have is whether it is really worth it. In the case of this one, which has Androidwe are clear that Yeah.

AliExpress messes it up and breaks the price of this

Because it will not only allow you to enjoy your favorite movies, but you will be able to download apps on the projector itself. It will be almost as if you have one televisionalthough portable and capable of projecting images up to 200 inches.

It has Android 9.0, and has both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. Thanks to this, you can either connect it directly to the internet or launch the content from your mobile. In addition, it is compatible with Miracast Airplay Eshare mirroring; that is, you can duplicate your mobile screen very easily.

You will not only have access to applications like YouTube, Netflix or Prime Video, but also to totally different ones. You will only have to inquire in the app store! Along with this, we must point out that it weighs barely 700 gramsso you can take it without problems wherever you need.

A unique price for a short time!

As for other interesting specifications, you should know that it has resolution native 1080pbut it supports even content 4K. So that won’t be a problem! The truth is that it is one of the best projectors we have seen, and it has a scandal price right now: it will be yours for only €145. It’s crazy!

If you have fallen in love, go for it. we leave it to you in this link so you don’t miss this opportunity.