AliExpress technological discounts to hit the invisible friend

Lenovo LP5

Every year with the arrival of Christmas, it is the perfect time to carry out an “invisible friend”. Whether with coworkers, classmates or lifelong friends, it is a game with a great tradition on these dates. In general, it is about investing little money, so if we are looking for technological products, in AliExpress we will be able to obtain them with good discounts.

Next, we are going to show you three technological products that we will be able to buy in AliExpress at a very affordable pricemaking our gift become a success by investing little money.

Lenovo LP5 Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones are a great option for the “invisible friend”, especially these Lenovo LP5 that we are going to be able to buy for just €14.25. Count on Bluetooth 5.1 for a strong and low latency connection with our mobile. It incorporates a microphone, which allows us to use it as a hands-free with good quality. And it is that they have an environmental noise reduction function so that they can hear us clearly and without noise.

Lenovo LP5

Its battery is another of its strengths since it can reach 12 hours of use thanks your charging case. In addition, they mount drivers with diameter speakers 13 mm with double membrane. This results in an adequate audio range in both bass and treble.

Mini portable video game console

This mini console is an ideal gift for lovers of retro video games. Its design is very similar to the classic Game Boy. It has a 3” screen and inside it incorporates 400 classic games Different genres such as sports, adventures, puzzles, thinking and learning games, etc. Its rechargeable lithium battery 500mAhallows a use of more than 7 hours of gameplay.

vintage mini console

It is ideal to take it even on a trip without worrying about running out of power. It should also be noted that it has support for connection to our television via AV OUT for a better gaming experience. An 80cm AV cable is even included in the package. And best of all, just by registering as a new user in AliExpress we can buy it for €9.15.

HONOR Band 5 Smart Bracelet

Another very cheap technological gift that will make us hit the mark is an activity bracelet like the HONOR Band 5. This has a screen with a panel 0.95” AMOLED (240 x 120 pixels) and 2.5D curved glass. Its dimensions are quite measured at 43 x 17.2 x 1 for a total weight of 22.7 gramss. It includes different sensors with the capacity to show the heart rate, the level of oxygen in the blood and we can even submerge it underwater since it has resistance up to 50 meters deep.

Honor Band 5 smartband design

The Honor Band allows you to receive notifications from the applications you want, including WhatsApp, where we can read the message. Its 100 mAh battery allows autonomy of up to 20 days on standby and with regular use it is usually around five or six days without going through the charger. Its price is also very attractive. it only costs €23.93.