All about the 4 elements of the western horoscope

The balance of the horoscope is not precisely in the twelve stars that represent the zodiacal wheel. Rather, it falls on the four elements of nature which in turn collect the twelve signs divided into four groups: water, fire, air and earth. Knowing the meaning of each one is of great help when you want to broaden your knowledge regarding astrology, as this gives us an idea of ​​what people are like according to their star, the mission they have and their spiritual nature. , we have decided to tell you everything you want to know about these elements. Keep reading!

Water and fire

To start we have the water element made up of the trident of Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer. Certainly this element endows its regents with an indisputable emotionality, The way of seeing life is through the feelings and live according to them. Although this has its good side, it becomes a lethal weapon because rationality takes a backseat. They act impulsively according to what they feel at a given moment.

On the other hand, water endows its rulers with large doses of spirituality, they connect with the invisible and intuition is a quality that determines them. Next comes the turn of the fire element who influences from the overwhelming passion. This group is made up of Aries Sagittarius and Leo who identify themselves as having eccentric personalities, being innate leaders who need to shine to leave an impeccable legacy. On the other hand, this zodiacal team stands out for being extroverted, charismatic and decision makers not only in their lives but also in the world. The contribution that these stars make to the world is invaluable.

earth and air

The rulers of the earth element are Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn. They live through the tangible where the senses are the best means they have to capture emotions and make decisions. Pragmatism is the method they use to live: it’s simple, if the land is harvested correctly it bears fruit. That’s how these stars are! They work tirelessly to obtain undeniable fruits. Of the other elements, this is characterized by being the strongest and most resistant. Persevering and patient balance the scales in the world. Their life perspective is based on the search for solutions.

Finally, we have Aquarius, Libra and Gemini who make up the world of the air element. Fair, realistic and free are characteristics that define these regents. It is impossible to encapsulate doses of air in a bottle. This is the spirit of these signs! Impossible to catch and when someone tries they just run away. Rational and intelligent are traits that go into the DNA of this trident. They live from the intellectual world destined to build a better world according to the perspective of life that each one has. That’s right! Always focused on creativity because they have become unique, eccentric and authentic.