Android Auto prepares big changes: no app will ever be what it was

Android Auto

Android Auto

We have been waiting many months for the arrival of the new Coolwalk interface on Android Auto. A design renovation that promises a greater similarity to the block structure offered by CarPlay to gain, in this way, in accessibility and minimalism. The problem is that time passes along with various updates to the application and we still have no news, although there are those who have already had the pleasure of trying it first-hand.

The number of users who are taking advantage of the versatility of this redesign in Google’s intelligent driving system today is quite low, since its official launch is not available. At first, the landing of the patch that would be accompanied by Coolwalk it was going to take place over the summer, but the US company is having trouble meeting its schedule. So it only remains to wait a little longer, but there are those who are devising them to test the novelty of Android Auto.

Coolwalk: a love hate relationship

Since its announcement, everyone who uses Android Auto has been delighted because the current interface of the program looks somewhat outdated, but little by little the months go by and we are approaching a year since its official announcement. That is why the Reddit users have had to find an alternative to enjoy Coolwalk now.

In the image of mynamesjefffffs we can see the new distribution in squares of the application. In one the recently searched locations appear and in another the song that is playing on Spotify; while in the largest Google Maps appears in a big way.

Android Auto

Many will be wondering how you can test it before its release and this is something that the author himself confirms. According to mynamesjefffffs, the only way to access Coolwalk of Android Auto is root the mobile and says there is no other method for it. However, this helps us to get a first look at what the design change would look like.

The user opinion is somewhat disparate, as some claim that depending on the size of the screen, the map could look very small. Others are even hoping Google doesn’t force them to use Coowalk since they like the current design. On the other hand, there are those who cannot wait any longer for his arrival.

Spotify new UI on Coolwalk desde AndroidAuto

When is it coming to Android Auto?

We have already mentioned at the beginning that the new interface of the app was planned in the first instance for summer, but in the end it could not be. One of the biggest problems with Android Auto is take too long to fix bugs and add news, so we don’t know exactly when it might land.

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It is possible that Google is encountering obstacles when it comes to adapting certain applications, which is causing this delay. However, my bet would be for the last months of the year. It is hard for me to think that the company will let a year pass after its official announcement in 2022 if it does not want users to get angry.

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