Anuel postpones his tour due to possible pregnancy of Yailin the most viral

Anuel postpones his tour due to possible pregnancy of Yailin the most viral

The popular ragpicker Puerto Rican He has postponed his world tour until 2023, due to the alleged pregnancy of his current wife.

The possibility of a new paternity of the urban singer Anuel AA became a trend again, since the ragpicker announced that he will postpone his tour for USA until next year 2023

It is no secret to anyone that both Anuel and his wife Yailin the most viral they eagerly want to build a family, and on more than one occasion they have confessed their desire to be parents. Anuel and Yailin have said that they have been trying since they met.

After the little honeymoon they had after getting married, Anuel’s label announced the singer’s absence from the stage for almost a year.

“Being responsible first with you and in a personal framework, I have been thinking that I need to take some time to recharge batteries and focus on restructuring my personal, family and professional life,” begins the statement that Anuel dedicates to his fans around the world.

The artist planned to present you during August, September and October in North American cities such as Dallas, Miami Y Washington:

“For this reason, my team and I have decided to postpone the tour for later in 2023. In the meantime, I will continue doing what I am most passionate about, releasing good music,” the statement concluded, which left more than one confused. fanatic.

However, sources close to the ragpicker assure that the decision is actually due to the fact that Yailin would be pregnant, so the Puerto Rican would have made the decision to postpone the tour to be next to yailin throughout the pregnancy process.