App stores will multiply revenue by six in a decade

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And it is that the forecasts of what is expected for the next decade in terms of apps are very hopeful, since everything indicates that this market is not going to stop growing until reaching maximums within a decade, that is what analysts say.

Sustained growth over ten years

As is logical, the forecasts must always be taken with caution, and more so if they are ten years ahead. That is what we have learned precisely now thanks to Future Market Insights. This consultancy has revealed that in 2032 the app market will have grown to 1027.210 million dollars, from 165.900 million that this market currently bills, so the income level of this segment will be practically six times higher by then.

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To reach these large revenues it will be necessary that the compound annual rate of growth is 20%, which undoubtedly represents record figures in a productive segment, maintaining two-digit growth in these revenues for 10 years. Within these figures, the sales of apps and games within stores such as the App Store and Play Store are estimated, which account for 95% of sales of apps outside of China. The App Store remains the most profitable store, with a market share of no less than 62% of total sales.

The benefit has been practically monopolized by video games, with 42% of the total benefit. Segments of apps and games such as music or entertainment are going to be the ones that grow the most, increasing its income by up to 13.5% in the next decade. During the past year North America was the region with the highest sales, accounting for 31.83% of the total. In the next decade, the growth of India and China is expected to be the main protagonist of the explosion of this market, until it is six times larger than it is today. Asia Pacific will instead be the fastest growing market in the coming years.

More users, more apps

That is what this study advances, that interaction with social networks and access to more information about apps and games is one of the keys that will allow such an aggressive growth in this market. And logically, the more users have access to digital app stores, and with better mobiles, the more their purchase of apps and games increases. All these data are reflected in the report «Mobile application stores market» which reviews the current state of the market and advances the forecasts between now and 2032.

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In the case of Android, sales could be especially higher in the future, now that its apps are gradually being integrated into Windows as well. thanks to the new Microsoft Store, which will use the Amazon App Store to nurture Windows users with apps for a low cost. All this is going to contribute to this dramatic increase in income and therefore the growth of this market, as few are going to do in the coming years, especially now that we have significant economic uncertainties on the horizon, as a result of the war and inflation. .