Apple’s rival headphones that cost less than half

Sony headphones

Yes, we are also seeing how the networks are filled with photographs and videos of the AirPods Max from Apple. These headband headphones have become, in just a few months, the most famous on the entire internet. But what if we tell you that we have the better alternative at a much lower price? Keep reading!

On-ear headphones are living their new youth. Suddenly, all the photographs of the influencers they have Apple headphones as protagonists. Its design is totally unmistakable, and some say that its specifications are totally second to none. But is this true? We are not so sure! Because sony It has a model in its catalog that is more than capable of coping with the AirPods Max.

Are leaders industry in noise cancellation, have unmatched sound quality, are comfortable, and have a drums that will leave you speechless. Can you ask for more? Well, yes… A discount! And right now they have it, for more than €100! On the PcComponentes website You will find them at an unbeatable price.

Sony’s best headphones drop 32%

We are not talking about headphones without more, but about a model worthy of the higher end From the market. Let’s start at the beginning: they are headband, and they are specifically designed so that you can wear them all day without bothering your ears. To listen to music at work, to forget what’s around you on public transport… They are a good choice for everything!

Sony headphones

Also, they don’t weigh much. That will make you feel that they are comfortable even when the hours go by. To this we must add that they have all the technological innovations you can imagine. And we are going to tell you!

First, they have the better sound cancellation of the entire market. They have a proximity sensor that will react to your movements, adjusting the sound when they notice you have them on. In addition, it has technology speak to chatwhich will allow you to talk to anyone around you even with the sound cancelled.

of course they are totally wireless, but don’t think that will make the battery a problem. Not much less, because you will enjoy 30 hours of freedom. And in just ten minutes you can enjoy up to five hours, because it also has a fast charge!

And with voice assistant included!

In addition to being great headphones for listening to music, they are a good choice for those who want make and receive calls. If you continually have video calls, they will become your best allies! Because you can enjoy the best quality at all times.

Another of its great advantages is that you will have the voice assistant Always at your disposition. You will not have more to talk to help you with everything you need! Also, it has controls Touch so you don’t have to take out your phone at all.

If we compare his price with AirPods Max, we see another big difference! because instead of €600right now they cost only €256. Yes, it is because have a discount of more than 100 €, since its price is usually higher. Not in vain we are talking about one of the best headphones of the moment. Don’t miss them! you can find them in this link.