Apthenia Cordifolia: What’s that? How To Care And Plant It?

Apthenia Cordifolia

Aptenia Cordifolia is native to South Africa. In its natural environment, it grows in soil. Can also be grown as a seasonal plant in pots. It belongs to the meridian family (Aizoaceae).

What is Apthenia Cordifolia?

Apthenia Cordifolia is a succulent. It has an extensive creeping habit. Shoots grow to 30-60 cm, and the whole plant reaches a height of 5-10 cm. The shoots of sercolistus apthenia are quite long, but fragile. The heart-shaped leaves (hence the name) are green, fleshy and glossy, placed opposite on the stem.

Different varieties may have leaves that are less heart-shaped and certainly more oval. The flowering period of apthenia depends on growing conditions – under optimal conditions, the plant can bloom from May to September. Depending on the variety, the flowers are pink, red, crimson. The seeds are brown, do not have a flying tool.

How are Aptenia Cordifolia Growing Conditions

Aptenia Cordifolia likes warm, sunny places and is sensitive to frost. In winter, it is best to move it to a place with exposure to daylight. The substrate should be moderately fertile, well drained, and well drained.

Aptenia is a room plant, but during the summer period you can put it on the balcony or terrace (but only if we are sure that the dangers of spring are over). The plant does not tolerate flooding, which often leads to its death.

How to Care for Aptenia Cordifolia

From time to time, it is worth strengthening apthenia with mineral fertilizers. However, over-intensive fertilization of the plant reduces the number of flowers it can produce in a given year. To rejuvenate the plant, it is worth removing the shoots.

Thanks to this, apthenia grows better and, besides, we get new specimens, because the plant takes root very easily. It reproduces by shoot and leaf cuttings, and also sexually – from seeds.

How To Grow Aptenia Cordifolia

Aptenia Cordifolia is a plant that will work perfectly in hanging pots, as well as in baskets and balcony boxes. Due to the fact that it is not very demanding, it is recommended for people who start their adventure with gardening.


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