Aquarius with Pisces: can they be compatible?

There are signs that by nature do not get along at all and repel each other, but automatically from the moment they come face to face and there is no way they can understand each other. This is the case of the union between an Aquarius and a Pisces, two signs simply do not speak the same language, they do not feel the same or think in the same way. Not only are they opposites, but one has very little to do with the other.

Pisces is an emotional water sign and Aquarius is the progressive critic of air. Pisces is overprotective and Aquarius is the freest sign of all. So, we reach a point where the things that are shared are really very few. However, there are very remote cases in which they could come to understand each other and that is why it is important to know what the compatibility of Aquarius with Pisces is and where that diffuse chemistry comes from.

Compatibility: really very little

Everything each of these signs does is quite different, from what time they usually get up to what menu they like for breakfast. Pisces is an intuitive sign and makes decisions in this way, always putting their sentimental status first. In contrast, Aquarius is a sign of action and logic. Certainly Aquarius is a very noble sign, but perhaps it will not be able to meet the high demands of Pisces. Little fish are very emotional and require extra support during their depressions. Aquarius is a sign that helps, but in other types of tasks and may fall short to fill the emotional gaps of a Pisces person.

In fact, Aquarius has his own dilemmas, which he usually solves with the help of a little solitude, and therefore he will not know how to meet Pisces’ requirements. Aquarius also needs a lot of space and will get far away, something that the overprotective Pisces will not like. What Aquarians do not think is the evil that exists in the world, but they are always involved in some activity and they are not a sign that is willing to deal with the emotions of others for a long time. Those of Aquarius are hurt by the world, politics, the environment and he believes that these are the real problems, but Pisces is more concerned with his own and personal feelings.

What aspects can unite them?

Both signs are very humanistic, artistic and in action they can find common ground. As co-workers, perhaps things can work in a better way than in the middle of a family or love relationship. The important thing is to try to speak the same language and everything will work to the extent that Pisces knows how to get into the logic of Aquarius, letting it be free, understanding its open-mindedness and letting go of jealousy when it comes to socializing and being with other people. Not taking things to heart and limiting dramas will be essential.