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How to delete the Windows10Upgrade folder?

Windows updates are generally divided into two types: monthly updates which contain security updates and fix bugs, and major feature updates which are released...

How to quickly find and use Emoji with Windows 10?

Emoji are playful graphic representations of emotions, objects, symbols or ideas. It is a term which comes from the Japanese language which designates...

How to configure a metered connection with Windows 10?

A number of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offer Internet plans with data caps. Exceeding this limit often results in high fees. Windows 10 includes...

How to delete temporary files in Windows 10?

Windows 10, like all other operating systems, has system files for which disk space has been reserved on the PC. These system files, along with...

Prevent Windows 10 and App Crashes

Windows 10 has tens of millions of lines of code, which induces some risk of errors and flaws. To remedy this, adopt patches...

How to properly manage your contacts with Windows 10?

Owning a computer is great, but it's a bit sad if you're alone in front of it, without any interaction with anyone. That's why Microsoft...