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How to open game bar on secondary monitor in Windows 10?

The Windows 10 game bar (it is displayed with the keyboard shortcut Windows + G) favors the primary monitor in a multiple-monitor setup. ...

Test the security of your Wi-Fi network

Are you sure unauthorized devices aren't hogging your Wi-Fi network bandwidth? The free Home Scanner app, offered by Bitdefender, can spot intruders. Open a...

Manage Windows 10 Startup

Is your computer having trouble starting up? It's time to sort out the programs that launch when Windows 10 opens. View applications that launch...

How to anticipate the damage caused by ransomware?

New lethal weapon of cybercriminals, ransomware (in French ransomware) blocks your PC by encrypting the contents of the hard disk until the payment of...

Turn the Windows desktop into a dashboard

What would you say to follow in real time on the Windows 10 Desktop essential information such as available disk space, processor occupancy rate...

How to access locked folders and files?

Sometimes, certain documents or even applications stubbornly refuse to open without anyone knowing why. Fortunately, there is always a way to fix it,...