Be careful with tattoos: tips for not taking risks

“Think twice before getting a tattoo” seems like a catchphrase but many of those who have had or are thinking of getting a tattoo have certainly heard it at one time or another. And maybe we should pay a little more attention to it. Because it is not only a permanent seal on our skin but also an act potentially dangerous if certain risk factors are not taken into account. Expert tattoo artists say loud and clear that it is important that you know the credentials of the artist who is going to tattoo you. Not only his old works, but also the conditions in which he works and the state of the studio. In addition, the quality of the product with which the tattoo artists work is a key element so that the result is good and that there are no side effects. If You Want To Get A Cheap Tattoo, This One Will End Up Costing Younot only because it might not be well done but also because poor quality inks might have been used.

Poor quality inks

There are dozens of cases around the world of people being infected after being tattooed with contaminated inks. the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has published a report in which are grouped the cases of people who have contracted infectious diseases by having a tattoo, as reported by the journal of this center, “Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report”.

The CDC reports that it does not know how often infections occur, products of tuberculous micro-bacteria (whose initials in English are NTM) linked to tattooing but, in the majority of cases, these are linked to the dissolution of the ink in unsterilized water. These infections may appear as small skin inflammations, such as rashes, nodules, or papuleswhich can become complicated and cause severe abscesses that will require many surgeries and treatments.

Great care should be taken with tattoos made in the house of knowledge. If it’s someone just starting out and you want to help them, that’s great, but you need to know the risks. The best thing is to go to a studio and talk to a good professional, to make sure everything is checked.

Hazardous components

The European Commission published some time ago the report “Safety of tattoos and permanent makeup”, which contains a warning about certain components of tattoo ink. These can release carcinogens and we warn that many are not intended for cosmetic use.

“In the European market, tattoos found containing dangerous chemicals, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (43%), aromatic amines (14%), heavy metals (9%) and preservatives (6%). In addition, in 11% of the cases that were analyzed, microbiological contamination was detected”, indicates the report of the European Community.

Because these components can degrade with exposure to the sun and ultraviolet or laser radiation, thus endangering the health of the person wearing the tattoo. In this sense, the body informed that up to 5% of people with tattoos may suffer from bacterial infection, acute allergies or delayed hypersensitivity. These reactions, which can even appear decades later, cause the onset of underlying autoimmune pathologies. Even so, skin pigmentation disorders may appear in 5-15% of people who undergo laser treatment to remove tattoo, the report says.