Black Friday brings discounts of up to 60% to Aliexpress on these devices

Amazfit GTR 2 Smart Watch

Despite the negative stigma that existed on Chinese products a few years ago, today Aliexpress is one of the largest electronic stores on the planet. This company and many others such as Xiaomi, HONOR or Huawei have shown us that items made in China are as good or better than some produced in Western countries.

In case you still don’t believe it, we are sure that one of these discounts up to 60% They will make you think twice before saying no to any of them. Let’s see what items we are talking about.

Amazfit GTR 2 Smart Watch

First of all, and how could it be otherwise, we have the presence of one of the smart watches or currently most popular smartwatches: the Amazfit. More specifically, the model that we can find on sale in the Aliexpress Black Friday is the GTR 2one of the most premium models of the brand.

With a battery with up to 14 days of autonomy and the capacity to take complete and exhaustive control over your health and physical condition, this amazfit watch it can change your life for the better.

Amazfit GTR 2 Smart Watch

With the ability to select your favorite sphere among hundreds of them in the online store and customize them to your likingyou also have the possibility of changing the strap for greater customization.

The usual price of this smartwatch is €326.62. However, you can now purchase it for nothing more and nothing less than €130.65. Slight discount!

Lenovo XT92 Wireless Headphones

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These headphones are Lenovo and usually cost €23.55, but today you can get them for €13.89 thanks to a discount of 41%. In addition, of all the reviews that this product has received on Aliexpress, more than 90% of them are 4 and 5 star ratings. Come on, those who have bought them are really satisfied with them and their quality.

Tronsmart T6 Max Bluetooth Speaker

East wireless speaker Tronsmart, the T6 Max model, will allow you to connect via Bluetooth to any device that is capable of play audio. For example, your smartphone while you are in the car or your smart TV when you are at home watching your favorite movie.

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For just over €60now you can enjoy a sound worthy of a movie theater in the very living room of your house.

TITAN ARMY curved gaming monitor

this monitor curved, ultrawide, 2K Y 200hz valued at more than €560, you can get it now with a 41% discount by leaving your purchase price at €333.19. It is 29.5 inches in size and has a total resolution of 2560 x 1880 pixels.

1669337187 652 Black Friday brings discounts of up to 60 to

Take advantage of the offer now that Black Friday has brought to Aliexpress with this monitor. Get yours today!