BTS V Hacker Gives Defiant Threat To BIGHIT’s Statement

BTS V Hacker Gives Defiant Threat To BIGHIT's Statement

fans of bts Y BLACKPINK have shown great concern for their idols after V and Jennie’s relationship was exposed on social media with intimate photos shared by a hacker. After several months of an effort to inform the agencies of this event, finally BIGHIT MUSIC made an announcement.

On Thursday, September 29, the agency that handles BTS posted on weverse the steps to take to protect the boy group members. The agency said that it often conducts legal checks for malicious activities, defamation, harassment, and other actions that affect artists.

In addition, the agency referred to a specific person who spread malicious rumors about the K-Pop group, so many assumed that it was the account called Gurumiharibo, who was the one who shared the photos of Taehyung and Jennie. However, via Telegram he responded to the statement saying that he has not been hired.

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“A quarterly statement was issued today, at the end of each month of March, June, September and December. He did not specify what rumors, against whom and is generally vague. In addition, I have not received any legal notice from anyone“.

“Furthermore, as I have already mentioned, if someone wants to sue me for defamation and/or spreading lies, I will be ready to provide relevant evidence of my claims in the name of the law, so that a fair and FAIR truth is revealed.“.

“And, at the time the photos I shared were taken, Taehyung and Jennie were on these dates together. This is something I will repeat because it is the truth“.

Certain people also agreed with the hacker, saying that indeed, BIGHIT MUSIC usually makes this type of statement every quarter, however they also add that the agency does not normally mention “a specific person“.