Can I charge a mobile in a powerbank with solar panels?

Can I charge a mobile in a powerbank with solar panels?

Have you ever thought about the possibility of charging your mobile phone with solar energy? A curious method that just five years ago would have been unthinkable, but now, with the enormous amount of possibilities that we have before us and with technological advances, it can become a reality. In this way, now, thanks to smart batteries, charge your mobile with the sun’s raysit will be a reality.

And no, you will not have to plug in the USB of your cable to the Astro Rey, you will not have to make that very long trip at all, but in this case you will have to use solar energy and a portable battery that allows you to carry carry out the charge of your mobile using solar energy.

You can, but… with limitations

Obviously we are not going to beat around the bush and yes, our mobile device can be charged through the sun using a powerbank. One that, of course, must have a solar panel large enough to allow us to carry out the full charge of our device without major problems; These chargers usually have a panel made up of silicon crystals that will transform solar energy into current and thus charge the battery of our device. These can be charged even when the day is cloudy, although clearly the performance will be much better when sunlight hits the charge directly.

Can I charge a mobile in a powerbank with solar

Of course, all that glitters is not gold and no matter how much the sun does it, the process of charging our portable battery in the sun can be a bit tedious, not because of how complicated it is, but because of the process, which can be be very, very long. It is the only problem that we can find at this point, although possibly, if you have a patio or a house with enough light, you may not mind the fact of carrying out this long wait so as not to waste electricity.

The best solar power banks

Of course, surely we are faced with the need and curiosity to know the way in which we can carry out the charge of our mobile phone through solar energy, so now is the moment in which we are going to recommend numerous powerbanks for that you can buy one

With just a small search on Amazon we can find a large number of models that will surely serve us for what we are looking for. These two models that we leave you are very similar in benefitsbut with a very different design and also, they have a similar price, so the decision is all yours to see if you get one of these chargers or not.

However, if what you are looking for is a battery with a great battery and that allows us hours and hours of use on our mobile phone, the best thing you can do is opt for the DJROLL model, that with 36,000 mAhit will give us more than two and three charges on our device.

Finally, there is nothing like charging two phones at the same time with a portable battery and having to forget about possible problems that exist, such as the case that there are two mobiles without battery, being able to charge both at the same time thanks to the QTshine model. In this way, we will also have to take into account that it will be a very slow charge, since there are two at the same time, so we must count on it.