Cancer, you must learn to overcome the loss of your job

When Cancer has to go through the experience of losing his job, he feels that the world is closing in on him. His immediate reaction will be to seek protection in his lair: his house. This is one of the worst mistakes a Cancerian can make, however, you have to help him understand it this way. Losing a job can be a traumatic experience for anyone, to the extent that it generates insecurity but fundamentally seriously attacks a person’s self-esteem. This is precisely a key point for Cancer: his self-esteem. This sign has serious self-esteem problems, problems that he usually claims, but know that it is like wanting to “cover the sun with your hand”. !Impossible!

It’s time to react

You have received the news and your first reaction is to leave with your head “lowered” and head home. There you will find the way to communicate it to your family, when it is the most appropriate time. Perhaps cooking something to distract yourself or watching the type of movie you like the most are some of your immediate plans. But, deep down in your conscience, you know that this is not the most appropriate reaction. It is a very good idea to release the stress of the news, doing something that you like, but you know that you cannot stay with it. Isolating yourself and hiding is not the solution.

First and foremost, have a combative attitude on the matter. If it’s not clear why you’re being fired, go ahead and ask. Not only will this give you a chance to discuss and air your differences, if any, but it will also allow you to understand the situation. From this is that you can capitalize on what happened and build something better. This is the way in which the things that happen to us, even the sad ones, are justified: they happen to leave us a lesson.

Don’t lock yourself in your house

Cancer finds in his house everything he needs to be happy. And this is not bad by itself, the problem is that it is a “partial” reality. When you run away to shelter in your house, you are leaving aside values, people and opportunities from the door of your house to the outside. And it is precisely here where you have your great opportunity for improvement. If you have lost your job, think that in addition to that there are thousands of opportunities in which you can develop more and better. And here is a key word for you: “develop”.

Not everything happens through the house and the family. Of course they are core values, but there is more to it than that. For example, there is you as a person and as a worker or professional. There is the opportunity to exploit your skills or knowledge, and thus experience the rewards that this brings. When we do something we like, we usually do it well, and that significantly improves our self-esteem. If you get paralyzed, you don’t move forward, then you have to go in search of those new opportunities. That’s the Cancer attitude.