Crush exposes the disturbing truth about what it was like to work with BTS’s J-Hope

Crush exposes the disturbing truth about what it was like to work with BTS's J-Hope

The return of the South Korean singer Crush was with the collaboration titled “Rush hour” with the member of bts J Hopewhich he spoke about in a recent interview with the website Newsen. The soloist shared what it was like to work with the idol and how the incredible collaboration came about.

Crush highlighted the professionalism and dedication of the member of the K-Pop group, commenting on how he showed how dedicated he was to the production. When recorded the song the rapper worked so hard that sweat ran down his face, and he refused to go to the bathroom until he was satisfied with his part.

J-Hope was sweating profusely and didn’t even go to the bathroom while working hard on filming“.

During the recording session, hobbi told Crush “Hyung, I’ll do it again, I can do better. One more time“When he heard that, the singer realized that everything the rapper had achieved had been thanks to his own effort and dedication, he said:”he wasn’t in his current position for nothing“.

In addition, I add that J-Hope was an essential piece for his own individual work, since he helped and supported him by giving him Energy during the filming of the music video, when he was tired to dance, as well as supervising his performance.

He even volunteered to appear in the music video. When I was filming my dance scenes, he gave me energy when I was physically exhausted. I also remember being very grateful to him for monitoring and training together.