Disable these 6 Windows 11 features and improve your PC’s performance

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A growing number of users are currently opting to migrate from Windows 10 or an earlier version of the system, to Windows 11. Hence, Microsoft is making every effort based on improvements, in order to convince as many customers as possible to carry out this migration.

In fact, the software giant is betting very heavily on its new version of the operating system for desktop computers, hence its updates and all those that it is working on. Little by little, Windows 11 is convincing a greater number of users, although, yes, at a much slower pace than was initially expected. It is true that the requirements imposed by Microsoft itself limit some. But we must also bear in mind that we can carry out some operating system changes to improve.

Specifically, we are referring to the performance that we can obtain from Microsoft software in order to work in a much more fluid way and be more productive. We must bear in mind that Windows 11 focuses so much on its external appearance as in the functions available to offer a better experience. However, to take advantage of all the benefits that the operating system offers us, we need a powerful enough computer. Hence, on certain occasions we have the opportunity to deactivate certain features in order to improve the system performance and the PC in general.

Next, we will talk about some of these elements that you have the opportunity to turn off in the system to improve and optimize its operation.

Features to do without in Windows 11

Depending on the possibilities offered by our computer’s hardware, we can activate or deactivate certain functions integrated by default in Windows 11. Let’s see some that we can do without to improve the operation of the operating system.

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  • Eliminates the visual effects of Windows 11: A good part of the improvements here refer to the external appearance of the software. To deactivate the visual effects we can execute sysdm.cpl and in Advanced Options deactivate all the effects that we want.
  • Remove applications from startup: many programs start with the operating system without us noticing. From the Applications section of Setting we can deactivate the programs that we do not want to start by themselves.
  • Turn off OneDrive synchronization: this is a function that can be used to make automatic backup copies in the cloud. But this has a high consumption of resources and therefore we can disable the feature to gain efficiency.
  • Do not use the balanced power plan: by default we find a Balanced power plan on Windows 11. We recommend using a performance-focused power plan to improve our experience here.
  • Game Mode – This is a feature that when active devotes most of the PC’s resources to gaming. If we do not plan to execute any videogameit is best to disable this feature.
  • Do not allow automatic updates: the updates of the operating system are essential, but we can always disable them for a while if we need a better performance of Windows 11.

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