Discover your true personality based on your Zodiac sign

The stars reveal to you the qualities that highlight you in your group of friends.


It is a sign of fire; his energy is active and physical, very expressive. His way of socializing is spontaneous and very active.

Aries friends contaminate others with their daytime energy, they offer daytime and outdoor activities. They are perfect for going out for fun and for conquering the night.

But they can also be very competitive: this is the reason why they will do everything so that their friends always choose them first, whatever the activity. And since they are quite reactive, they can get angry quickly and at any time.

But they will calm down just as quickly. Impatient and restless, activities in their company are always dynamic, because they get bored easily.


This is an earth sign that has a slow pace and likes stability on all levels. This is why, as a friend, Taurus will be very constant and have a great presence. With his friends, he likes to eat good things, go shopping and dedicate himself to sensory pleasures.

Taurus are practical, which means they are friends who give practical advice. If they get upset, they will first ruminate silently and then, at some point, they may let out a howler and expel all the accumulated feelings.

Another characteristic of this sign can be possessiveness and since their energy is very conservative and very loyal, if they see that their friends want to do something else, they can become very jealous.


It is a sign of sociable air and open to others by nature. Gemini is fun and resourceful. With his friends, he will spend his time chatting nonstop. It will be him who will make the best association of ideas and the best jokes, he who will place a good word at the right time.

As friends, Geminis are perfect for conversing for hours. Their energy is restless, shifting. They are also very curious and will spend their time asking you anything that comes to mind while you are telling them a story.

Be careful what you say because even if it’s your best friend, the Gemini is very likely to tell other friends what you have just revealed to him, since he loves to communicate and socialize.


It is a sign of water, emotional and sensitive. Cancer is much loved by their friends and, in turn, loves their friends like family.

He considers them to be part of his traditions and his belonging. Cancerians are very protective. As friends, they are ideal for those times when you need to be pampered and cuddled.

They also need to feel the affection of their friends and to know that they can count on them when they are anxious or have to face a conflict.

The best plan with the Cancerians is to all meet at home to eat a good hot homemade dish with an old recipe from his family. He will tell you with great emotion the emotional story that goes with the dish he has cooked for you.


It is a more self-centered fire sign than Aries, with which it nevertheless shares its expressive and contagious qualities. His main characteristic is to be a leader. That’s why, as a friend, Leos are the ones who bring the whole group together.

At the same time, since they like to be in the center, they will probably manage to be the main character of all planned activities and outings.

If for some reason they aren’t the center of attention, they’ll get offended and arrange to show off so all can watch them shine. As friends, they are very generous because they give everything they have.


It is an earth sign, the mental, thinking earth. Virgos are a conservative sign, but unlike Gemini, who talk lightly and jump from topic to topic, while Virgos will speak with precision and dwell on every detail of the story being told.

One activity Virgo enjoys with friends is getting together to think and talk about the way things are going and the system, with accurate data, in order to receive praise for its accuracy.

Virgos are perfect for analyzing everything and that’s why, as friends, the natives of this sign are great, because they help you organize what you want.

Their gift is the functionality and efficiency to prepare well-organized activities and to ensure that the agendas of everyone in the group are well coordinated.


It is an air sign and the air seeks the meeting and the dance between two people. This is the reason why, as friends, Libras will generally always be accompanied or seek the company of other people.

As Libras are very sociable, the social world is their natural habitat, with a particularly aesthetic and elegant touch. If you have to go to an event, ask your Libra friends how to dress, who will also always be very good at detecting how to negotiate and find the exact point of balance in a tense situation.

The natives of this sign also like to have fun, flirt and bewitch. That’s why it’s always a good idea to go with a Libra in a bar if you want to seduce.

They are the best dancers of the zodiac and another possibility to go out with your Libra friends is to go dancing for the pure joy of dancing and movement.


Water sign, deep and intense. The main characteristic of Scorpio is to see what is hidden, what no one else notices. This is why, as friends, they are perfect for helping you deal with conflicts and accompanying you through painful emotional processes.

If you are going through a difficult time, the deep and sensitive words of Scorpio will give you courage to get through the test. Like Taurus, they can feel resentful, but Scorpio gets angry, knows how to get revenge and where to sting to hurt.

But you have to understand where this irritation comes from, because he probably felt attacked first, because of the great sensitivity that is theirs.

Scorpio friends know how to give good sexual advice and, due to their high ambition, can be good accomplices in carrying out transformative and powerful challenges.


A fire sign, Sagittarius is the most enthusiastic and confident of the zodiac. Sagittarians love celebrations and, along with their friends, they are always on the lookout for a good reason to get together, celebrate and toast.

They are quite excessive and whimsical. If you have Sagittarius friends, you will realize that they exaggerate everything: they tell a common anecdote and you quickly realize that they inflate the numbers and the quantities, that they exaggerate everything.

But, like Aries and Leos, their joy and enthusiasm is contagious. This is why they are perfect friends for going out in the evening and having fun.

They can be very zen, which is why they will hardly get angry with you and will always find meaning in this argument by interpreting it with a lot of optimism and learning from it.


An earth sign, Capricorn is very pragmatic and sensible. This is why, as friends, Capricorns are needed to introduce a dose of realism into life; they allow you to come back to earth when grandiloquence or fantasy fly too high.

They can also be very hardworking and ambitious and so, as friends, their perseverance can be inspiring in achieving difficult goals.

For Capricorn, life involves responsibility and planning. This is why with their friends, they will take things very seriously and be very reliable.

So avoid arriving late or canceling a joint activity at the last minute, because for Capricorns, friendship – and any bond in general – involves compromise.


A sign of air, it is also the sign of eccentric affinities. Aquarians are singular, creative and free. In friendship, they seek open and modern relationships. They will not ask you to have a formal or classic relationship and will not give it to you either.

If they want to – or, more accurately, if their minds take them into the stratosphere – they can disconnect for a moment in the middle of the conversation, but suddenly when they reconnect, their intelligence will help you see your problems with greater detachment and with fresh eyes.

Aquarius is the sign of friendship par excellence and the natives of this sign will have very different groups of friends, given all the crazy multiplicities with which they can connect.

Their natural means of communication is social media and they will likely have known groups of friends on Twitter and Instagram. They do very well with virtual friendships.


Water sign, it is the last sign of the zodiac, the most sensitive, the one that connects with a universal dimension of affective community.

As friends, they are very empathetic and affectionate. If you’re sad and want some company, your Pisces friends will be with you and feel what you’re going through with sincere compassion.

They are also big dreamers and love to watch movies – preferably romantic ones. That’s why a good activity with your Pisces friends is to go to the movies, talk about love for hours and go out for drinks.