Do not buy a second-hand mobile: 3 great reasons

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Wanting to save a few euros when buying your new mobile, although not so new, it can be more expensive than you imagine. Unless it is a great offer or is sold to you by a trusted person at a reasonable price. More considering that there are currently a large number of offers on smartphones that you can take advantage of to have a new mobile in your hands. You will premiere this one, you will enjoy its pperfect internal and external physical condition and its natural beauty. But above all it will come with all the guarantees of the brand. If you want to know what are the main reasons to back down on a possible purchase of a second-hand or used mobile, keep reading!

Unknown bugs and errors

It may be that the mobile has some bug you don’t know at the time of purchase and for you it is important, either because the seller was not aware of it since it is something that he does not usually use and has not realized, or because he has deceived you.

Fix samsung mobile bugs

Although there will be a time when you can buy it before your purchase, unless it is online, you may miss something. It is also possible that the problem occurs after you buy the mobile. If these are due to defects in use, you will have to find your life to solve it. You might be lucky and the seller will pick it up for you, but they might not. Even if your mobile looks flawless, it is possible that have something what you are not aware of.

No warranty or support

One of the main reasons not to buy a second-hand mobile is that they have no guarantee if they are sold to you by an individual. Also, if a company does it and you have a guarantee, it will be only 1 yeara clear difference from the 3-year warranty you get when you buy a new mobile.

Thus, if you buy a used mobile from another person, you will have to solve any defect, problem or failure, as well as change the components that you may need. You may even find it difficult to find them. Although it may work correctly and not give you errors for a while, if it comes up any unforeseen you will have to take care of him.

mobile warranty

On the other hand, if you buy a cheap mobile with a certain time or age, it is most likely that do not have support, so you will not receive updates to the operating system and its security will not be the same. Given this, you can do nothing but resign yourself and start thinking about buying a new mobile with support. It is worth checking the mobile model before buying it to see if the brand offers it.

If you buy a mobile with little use time or that has been recently purchasedalthough you can have more warranty time and support, most likely depend on the seller for it or you have to use their data because the invoice is not in your name. Except if you do it at a thrift store.

The battery, the big problem

One of the most frequent failures of used mobiles is the state of their battery, since, although it may have a lot of autonomy, the truth is that load cycles are less than when it was first purchased. Therefore, if it has been squeezed, your battery may be in its last days or it may last much less than you expect. Sooner than later, you will have to change it.

mobile battery warranty

It may also be that your autonomy has suffered over time, or inferior to other newer models you can buy today at affordable prices. The problem with current mobiles is that this is integrated into the mobile, so it is not so easy to change the battery in your Xiaomi, Samsung, OPPO or any smartphone as before.