Do not make this mistake when trying to improve the WiFi or it will be worse

Main error intruders in the Wi-Fi

To improve Wi-Fi connection At home we can take into account some tips and use different devices. However, sometimes we can make mistakes. This can cause the connection to go worse, instead of actually improving the signal. In this article we are going to talk about a common mistake that many users make in order to improve their Wi-Fi. Avoid committing it and consider some better alternatives.

Using a bad repeater, worse than doing nothing

One of the most used options to improve the Wi-Fi connection is to have a repeater. What this type of device does is receive the signal from the router and forward it to other devices. A way to boost the signal and be able to reach places where coverage is more limited or are even in a dead zone.

The problem is that not all repeaters work well. Sometimes it may seem like a good idea to buy a cheap one that we see on sale simply because we think it will improve the wireless network and we will be able to connect better. We think that just by putting that repeater, the signal will already be more powerful and we will have fewer problems.

However, it’s not always like that. In fact, we may be using a Wi-Fi repeater that instead of improving the signal, make it work worse. This happens if we use a poor quality Wi-Fi amplifier that is not dual band and also has very limited power. It may be worse than connecting directly to the router, even if the signal reaches us weak.

The truth is that this is something that is repeated a lot. We see a device of this type and we buy it without looking closely at the specifications or without seeing comments to see if it really is of quality or not. It can be a major problem to navigatebut it could also be bad for security.

Main error intruders in the Wi-Fi

What to keep in mind to improve Wi-Fi

If you want to improve your Wi-Fi, it is best to buy a quality device and it will really help you. Not only should you consider the option of using a repeater, but you can also opt for a Wi-Fi Mesh system or PLC devices. The latter are ideal for carrying the connection from one place to another in the house, since it works through electrical wiring.

You can also simply choose change router location. Sometimes the problem is that the signal does not arrive because we have it placed in an area from which the signal does not distribute well. A small change of this type can be very useful to improve the connection and have coverage in other areas without problems.

An alternative is to prepare your computer so that it can better receive the wireless signal. Sometimes the problem is that we use a limited network card, which does not have good coverage or speed. No matter how much we buy repeaters, Mesh or PLC systems, the problem will still be there. Therefore, what you can do is check what card you have and whether or not it is convenient for you to buy a better one.