Do you see something strange in Sandman? Netflix has an explanation

 Do you see something strange in Sandman?  Netflix has an explanation

Sandman It has been without a doubt one of the most anticipated Netflix productions. It was announced a few years ago, but the pandemic ended up disrupting the company’s plans, and the audiovisual adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s graphic novels had to wait. On August 5, Netflix published the first season of the series in its entirety on its platform. The reviews have been generally good, but there is some debate as to whether or not the series is looking good.

Does Sandman look good? Is it a production problem?

Since Netflix announced that they were working on The Sandman until the series has finally seen the light, three long years have passed. During all that time, many of the comics’ faithful fans have analyzed each teaser with some thoroughness. When the final trailer for Sandmanin some Internet forums it began to be discussed if there was something strange in the aspect ratio that they had chosen for the series, because the images they seemed somewhat distorted.

Sandman It finally arrived on Netflix last week, and the aspect ratio of the finished work is exactly what we saw in the trailers. From here, an interesting debate has been generated about whether or not it is a technical problem from the television series. At first glance, it would be strange, since it is quite obvious that Netflix has put a lot of money into this project, and that the production design of the work does not seem cheap at all. In fact, the level of detail of the landscapes of the Kingdom of Dreams invites us to think that the distortion that seems to exist in the sequences of the series seems more like an intentional decision.

What does Netflix say?

Netflix has not wanted the debate to continue feeding back and has decided to put an end to speaking clearly about this phenomenon. To do this, one of its spokespersons has spoken about this case to the media Variety. Faced with negative criticism, those responsible for the content platform acknowledge that some viewers may not agree with these effects, but that the aspect ratio that has been chosen for Sandman is a decision made by the creators of the series to enhance the sensation of dreams, and that it is not a technical problem or an oversight at all.

Will they repeat in the second season?

Netflix will have to get wet facing the second season of the series. Sandman It has had good reviews in general terms, and the platform has already announced that they have already started the development of a new season.

The logical thing would be to maintain the visual code that we have been able to see in these first ten episodes, but, this being the only point that has been criticized, it is possible that the Los Gatos company analyzes the situation well and decides to make some changes to avoid this problem. that does not seem to have excited part of the public. In any case, the aspect ratio is one more tool that audiovisual artists often use to generate tension. If this decision has caused discomfort or anguish in the public, we can affirm that it is probable that they have achieved the objective they pursued.