excellent camera, power and performance for €547

Pixel 6 front

In phones, the layer they have is one of the most important issues and the one that users pay the most attention to. Many brands slightly retouch theirs in order to resemble the one of Googlebut practically none like that of the official phone of the great G: the Pixel. Today we found it with a great offer on Amazon!

And it is that, if the Pixel 6 stands out for something, according to what the languages ​​say, it is because it is the ‘Android iPhone’. It really has been on the market for several years, but for a few models, especially since the 4, its presence is being noticed even more. And it is that in Google know how to do things rightor so they have shown with version 6.

So much so that they have daring even in the design section. In fact, we doubt that you will find a mobile phone with such a capricious shape, especially when it comes to the rear camera module. The point is that today you can take the famous phone for about 100 euros less than its usual price on Amazon, isn’t that a good deal?

This is why the Google Pixel 6 stands out

For the first time in history, Google has developed its own chip. In the purest Apple style, the Tensor is the processor on which they have worked to optimize all resources and power to the maximum. And the results have been excellent, of course: performance, little overheating, and powerful in all kinds of actions and scenarios such as games, multi-tasks, on a daily basis…

Pixel 6 front

Their battery is also prominent. It has also been optimized to the maximum along with the system to offer good numbers. We are talking about equipping a 4600mAh battery that is more than enough to get through day to day, and that is always appreciated in the terminal. From when you go to bed until you get up with intensive use.

The cameras section It is one of the most striking, without a doubt. Everything is captured through the 50 megapixel main sensor that is capable of capturing up to 150% more light. In addition, it stands out for the vividness and quality of the photos, with very, very defined details. It is one of the true top of the range when it comes to cameras, and everyone is happy with its performance in this regard.

Google Pixel 6 rear

The screen is very comfortable for everyday use. We are talking about a panel 6.4-inch AMOLED with FullHD + resolution and 90 Hz refresh rate. Fluid and without any complaint.

A good terminal at a great price on Amazon

In general terms it is a good terminal, certainly exclusive. It is not one of the best sellers, but of course with this model Google has shown how to do things well to change that dynamic.

It has arrived in Spain this 2022, but previously it could not be bought in our country. Amazon has the exclusive sale of the model, and now with a discount. Getting hold of it has a usual price of 649 euros. Now it will be yours for only 547.90 euros In the following link!