Fairy and Elf Tattoo Ideas For 2023

This article will be especially dedicated to representatives of the female gender, because we will talk about the topic of fairy tattoos. These tattoos adorn thousands of girls’ bodies all over the world and their popularity has not waned over the years. Fly like a fairy in our picture gallery of fairy tattoos, one of them will definitely end up casting a spell on you.

Fairies, originating in Celtic, Roman and Greek mythology, are fantastical and magical beings usually depicted as small human-looking creatures of pretty women, with transparent wings and colorful clothes. These beings, according to different mythologies, possess supernatural powers, such as flying, conjuring spells, predicting the future, communicating with animals and many others.

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These beliefs, coming from different mythologies and cultures, present different explanations of the origins of the existence of fairies. They are believed to be the reincarnation of the spirits of the dead or some kind of fallen angel. On the other hand, they are also believed to be a species of creatures in themselves, sort of little devils who amuse themselves by committing mischief and disturbing human beings.

The theme of tattoos with images of fairies is still developing even now and these tattoos represent certain lifestyles and ways of thinking. A fairy tattoo design can be something pretty and delicate, like something out of a children’s story. This type of tattoo evokes a certain childhood nostalgia for those who remember it in a deep and happy way. In this sense, fairy tattoos are a symbol of youth and childhood.

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Fairy tattoo designs stand out naturally and work well as a complement or part of another design, which gives great versatility to this type of design. For example, common combinations are fairies and flowers or fairies and butterflies – or both. Another frequent drawing, that of fairies accompanying drawings of the moon or angels. Thus, these versatile tattoos offer multiple possibilities for women who can place it on any part of the body. When it comes to making fairy tattoos, you can use a large palette of bright colors or black ink with play of shadows and sepia tones.

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If any of these designs appeal to you, and you are considering getting a tattoo of them, we would like to recommend that you put the quality and health of your skin first, that is why you should go to places that offer you professional services so that these tattoos, which you will wear all your life, are in perfect condition.


– Most common body areas: In this case, the ankles and the back are the most used areas.

– More men or more women? : You only need to see the photos in the gallery to realize that this is a female tattoo and few men decorate their bodies with one of these fairies, although fashions may change. It is enough for a famous character to get a tattoo of a fairy, and many men will follow in his footsteps.

fairy tattoo 17

– Big or small? : Normally, since they are usually women and women prefer small tattoos, fairies are often small – but not too small, because it would be impossible to draw certain details.

– Symbol and meaning: As in all cases, the meanings are very varied and a fairy can have very diverse symbolism. It can symbolize nature, everything spiritual, magic and even homosexuality.

¿What do the girls think of these designs?

When it comes to feminine designs, this might be one of the first, because not many boys choose a fairy as the main motif for their tattoos. These designs convey both femininity and elegance. That’s why any girl choosing a tattoo of this type will undoubtedly make a fantastic choice. It is up to each person to choose the appropriate colors to personalize the drawing and make it unique, in color or in black ink.

fairy tattoo 103 fairy tattoo 107 fairy tattoo 27 fairy tattoo 25 fairy tattoo 29 fairy tattoo 47 fairy tattoo 49 fairy tattoo 41 fairy tattoo 101 fairy tattoo 97 fairy tattoo 65 fairy tattoo 63 fairy tattoo 67 fairy tattoo 53 fairy tattoo 55 fairy tattoo 05 fairy tattoo 95 fairy tattoo 85 fairy tattoo 89 Picture 02-6470 Picture 03-6473 Picture 04-6474 Picture 05-6476 Picture 06-6477 Picture 07-6479 Picture 08-6481 Picture 09-6482 Picture 10-6483 Picture 11-6486 Picture 14-6497 Picture 15-6501 Picture 16-6504 fairy

This trend has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is necessary to use two symmetrical body parts such as hands, arms, forearms, feet or fingers. On one part, you tattoo half of the design, on the other, the other half. The result is visible by joining the two parts, as seen in this image. In this case, they have a meaning even when they are separated but generally, it is necessary to join the two parts of the body so that they have a meaning. I saw this same drawing with hearts and a sun.

Picture 18-6508 fairy2

One of these fantastic beings represented on the moon and drawn with some parts in blue. The moon has a human face and I’m not sure what meaning that could have. The fairy also has a blue star on her head.

fairy tattoo

Of the other two designs we have included here in this article, I believe this is the best of all fairies and you will think the same. She lies on a stump and a butterfly is resting on her hand.

Picture 01-6467

Drawing of a fairy with elf features, who is in a complicated position, because it is weird that she half hides her face with her hand, it is not known if she is greeting or what she might well be doing. Other than that, good layout and good color saturation.

Picture 20-6515 Picture 24-6535 fairy tattoo 79 Picture 26-6544 Picture 27-6546 Picture 29-6552 Picture 32-6562 Picture 34-6569 Picture 36-6578 Picture 42-6609 Picture 43-6614 Picture 44-6618 Picture 45-6622 Picture 46-6625 Picture 47-6627 Picture 48-6629 Picture 49-6631 Picture 50-6633 Picture 51-6634 Picture 52-6637 Picture 53-6639 Picture 54-6642 Picture 55-6646 Picture 58-6655 Picture 59-6658 Picture 60-6661 Picture 61-6662 Picture 63-6669 Picture 64-6670 Picture 65-6673 Picture 66-6675 Picture 68-6680 tattoo female fairy 01 tattoo female fairy 02 tattoo female fairy 03 tattoo female fairy 04 tattoo female fairy 05 tattoo female fairy 06 tattoo female fairy 07 tattoo female fairy 08 tattoo female fairy 09 tattoo female fairy 10 tattoo female fairy 11 tattoo female fairy 12 tattoo female fairy 13 tattoo female fairy 14 tattoo female fairy 15 tattoo female fairy 16 tattoo female fairy 17 tattoo female fairy 18 tattoo female fairy 21 tattoo female fairy 22 female fairy tattoo 23 tattoo female fairy 24 tattoo female fairy 25 tattoo female fairy 26 tattoo female fairy 27 tattoo female fairy 28 female fairy tattoo 29 Feminine Feminine Tattoo 30 tattoo female fairy 31 tattoo female fairy 32 tattoo female fairy 33 female fairy tattoo 34 tattoo female fairy 35 tattoo female fairy 36 tattoo female fairy 37 tattoo female fairy 38 tattoo female fairy 39 Feminine Feminine Tattoo 40 tattoo female fairy 41 tattoo female fairy 42 female fairy tattoo 43 tattoo female fairy 44 tattoo female fairy 45 tattoo female fairy 46 tattoo female fairy 47 tattoo female fairy 48 tattoo female fee 50 female fairy tattoo 51 tattoo female fairy 52 female fairy tattoo 53 tattoo female fairy 54 tattoo female fairy 55 tattoo female fairy 57 tattoo female fairy 58 female fairy tattoo 59 Feminine Feminine Tattoo 60 female fairy tattoo 61