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aliexpress choice launch

Users who start taking advantage of AliExpress Choice will be able to choose from a lot of products, but they will also benefit from exclusive offers if they register. In this way, you will be able to have everything you need at home in a matter of days, saving you a good pinch and with the peace of mind that the online store offers us.

The great advantages of AliExpress Choice

Among all the highlights of new sales channel and one of the key aspects has to do with the fact that, on this occasion, the supply chain is AliExpress itself. A significant change that makes us forget about third-party stores that can give us problems or not send products quickly. This ensures us an unbeatable experience, so that we have everything we have ordered at home with the greatest agility and without errors. It has happened to all of us at some time that we have received something of a different color or very different from what we had ordered, but with this logistics system that will not happen.

aliexpress choice launch

Of course, to this we have to add the total guarantees of AliExpress, who will be in charge of giving us the protection in each product, in case it arrives defective, does not work as expected or for some reason we want to return it. When buying from AliExpress Choice we are making sure that the shipments will be in our hands in a maximum of 10 days without paying anything for shipping, as long as the purchases are greater than 10 euros, it is over to have to wait more than necessary. As if that were not enough, we will be able to return them completely free of charge, with a limit of 3 times a month.

Hundreds of accessories for 5, 10 and 15 euros

Whether you are looking for gadgets, fashion and accessories for your home, you will find them among the AliExpress Choice Day. A unique opportunity to choose among many products, for very little money and ensuring the peace of mind that it will arrive quickly and in perfect condition. To take full advantage of these promotions, We invite you to register and benefit from the promotions. To do this we only have to touch the following button that we share with you and we will go directly to all the products and also at the top of AliExpress Choice, you will see the option to complete the registration:

As we add products to the basket, the different promotions will appear, such as savings of 3 euros on purchases of more than 15 euros, in addition to free shipping whenever we exceed 10 euros. New AliExpress users will get a return coupon with AliExpress Choice on purchases of more than 5 euros. It is also important to know that, if you spend more than 5 euros, you can add this coupon at checkout: ESNEW04 which will save you up to 4 euros, as long as you complete the purchase before next March 4.

There are many devices that we can buy from AliExpress Choice, but without a doubt, these are, in our opinion, the most interesting. We share a list of options that for the price at which we find them, are very worthwhile:

  • 3 in 1 wireless charger: Whether you have an iPhone or an Android mobile, in this complete support you will be able to charge your smartphone, watch and headphones, forgetting about cables.

3 in 1 wireless charger

  • mobile microphone: Improving the sound in our mobile videos is as simple as buying this small device and connecting it to the USB-C or Lightning port.
  • Bluetooth headphones: for walking, running or just being around the house, these headphones will be your best company, with 12 hours of battery life and clear sound.
  • port transformer for car: just by putting it in the vehicle’s cigarette lighter, you will win four tickets; one USB-C, two classic USB and one more with 3.0 technology.

usb car port

  • The stylish smartwatch: Finished in true Apple Watch style, this smartwatch measures steps and monitors heart rate for very little money.
  • One cable for all mobiles: No more worrying about missing the correct cable, this magnetic key has interchangeable ports.
  • Car charger and holder: putting Google Maps in the car and charging it at the same time is possible with this add-on for all vehicles and all smartphones with QI.

mobile car charger

On the product page itself, when you register, you will have access to special offers from 0.99 cents, which is a real deal. If this seems little to you, get ready to make a pack of 3 products from among all those that we have recommended, which you can take home for only 5.99 euros. Hurry before they’re gone, because stock won’t last long at these prices.