Get the Xiaomi Redmi Pad tablet today and save more than €50

xiaomi redmipad

Xiaomi, the powerful Chinese manufacturer of smart electronic devices, has several tablets in its catalog. Today you can access one of them, the xiaomi redmipadfor a lower price than usual thanks to the discount of more than 50 € you have on AliExpress. Don’t miss this opportunity and get yours today.

Without a doubt the 12.4″ SmartBook S Xiaomi is the highest-end tablet that the Chinese market has, but it is not the only one. They also have a cheaper and more affordable model thinking of the vast majority of people who want to have a tablet for basic activities and not to carry out their professional activity with it.

Of course, if you want a tablet that allows you to maximize your gaming skills, if you want to fully enjoy your favorite movies online and experience unparalleled image and processing fluidity, then you better go for the Xiaomi higher end.

However, if you don’t want to spend so much money In one of these devices, you can choose to get a powerful, functional and cheaper Xiaomi Redmi Pad. In fact, now we are going to see what it can offer you.

This is the Xiaomi Redmi Pad tablet

First of all, as most important attribute already take into account on a tablet, let’s talk about your screen.

It is not only that it has a size of 10.61 incheswith an update frequency of 90hz and one 2000 x 1200 pixel resolutionbut also has a brightness up to 400 nits. The latter will allow you to enjoy good image quality despite the fact that the environment is very bright and does not allow you to see the content on the screen well.

xiaomi redmipad

The second important aspect to highlight is, of course, its drums. If you are thinking of buying a tablet, it will be to use it wherever you go, right? If you want to have to depend on a plug to be able to use it, for that you better look for a PC. But since what you want is to be able to move freely with it, you need the battery to have an adecent autonomy.

Well, you don’t have to worry, because this Xiaomi Redmi Pad has a 8000mAh battery enabled with 18W fast charging. This offers you an autonomy of a few hours. More than enough time to enjoy your favorite movie during a long train or plane trip.

our humble opinion

Worth? Of course yes. Remember that we are talking about a Xiaomi product, one of the best manufacturers of smart electronic devices on the planet. After having seen all the good things that this Redmi Pad has, it is more than clear that it’s a great tablet.

If we add to all this the fact that today you can get it with a 16% discount on AliExpress, then there is nothing more to say. Don’t waste any more time and take it now for €271.95 clicking here!