Half-price! This Samsung TV is a real beast

 Half-price!  This Samsung TV is a real beast

We thought that after black fridayIt would take us a long time to find offers like this again. And that is why we have been so surprised to see the incredible 50% discount that this impressive Samsung Smart TV has. Because we are not talking about any TV, but about one of the top that we have seen

It is not a joke,it is one of the best tv we’ve seen in a long time! And to understand that this is true, all you have to do is look at its specifications. To zoom in briefly, it has a 55-inch Neo QLED panel and a 8K resolution. In addition, it has Quantum HDR 2000, with which it makes every last detail come to life more powerful than ever.

Hence, we can glimpse why it has the price that it usually has. Although this is not something you should worry about, because right now it is just half price. So you will be able to get it for much less than what it really costs.

Samsung Smart TVs are a gem

We have no doubt: Samsung knows how to make televisions with the best quality on the market. And what we have before us today is proof of this. It is the model QE55QN700BTXXC, it has fifty five inches and a Neo QLED panel that will leave you speechless. In addition, it has a Infinity design. What this achieves is to offer a much larger screen but with extremely thin bezels. And, in this way, what we have is an impressive television that fits almost anywhere.

Half price This Samsung TV is a real beast

We cannot forget at any time that we are facing an 8K resolution. This means that you have up to four times more resolution than a 4K TV, and sixteen times more than Full HD resolution. The improvement will not only be noticeable in the resolution itself, but also in contrast, color and even response time.

To this we must add that this Smart TV also has a processor with Artificial Intelligence capable of improving all images before displaying them. You will be able to see all your content in 8K, regardless of its source resolution. It also has the following advanced technologies:

  • Motion Xcelerator Turbo: ideal for play to any game without any blur.
  • FreeSync Premium Pro: will allow you to avoid blinks and cuts in the scenes.

Take advantage of the discount!

Samsung is a brand that has attracted attention for a long time for its impressive screens, and on this TV you can see all the reflection of this fame. There will be no content that can resist it in any way. Furthermore, it is compatible with all virtual assistants. That will mean that you can also enjoy absolute control over your smart devices.

Its base price is very close to €2,800, but right now, and exceptionally, you will find it for only €1,399. It’s sheer madness! Because believe us when we tell you that worth much more than this. Take advantage of the opportunity, because we don’t know when it will happen again, and run to this link.