Hello Taurus, what is your balance at the end of the year?

Undoubtedly, this year has been busy for many in different areas, with various situations that have led us to breaking points, either emotionally or professionally, with family and friends or making new friends. 2016 was full of 365 dynamic and powerful days in which the surprises were pleasant and others not so much. Each sign took on challenges from their own perspective and enjoyed every moment they could.

Likewise, we also had to experience sadness that we had to overcome and move on. In the case of Taurus partners, we must remember that these people are totally stubborn, especially when it comes to changes, however, 2017 brought them many surprises, especially with the moments that brought them joy. Those represented by Taurus have had a variety of goals to accomplish and thanks to their perseverance, success is a great result this year.

Constancy and intelligence

If Taurus people had to take stock of everything that has happened to them during these past 365 days, we would never finish this article. To begin, we must congratulate all those regents for this star who managed to pass a difficult Mercury retrograde in their astral home. We know that it was not easy, but applying the intelligence that characterizes them and experience is an example of an earth sign. On the other hand, in love, we can say that they learned to love with an open heart. Luckily, they managed to avoid clinging to toxic relationships and let go of everything that was bad for their lives.

Although Venus is a direct influence on Taurus and always makes them more in love, this year their earth element made them more stable and focused when choosing a new partner. Regarding the labor field, we can certainly mention that the changes that occurred in his life were for the better. Although many bullfighting changed jobs we can say that the result was satisfactory, although it is true that there is a large majority that is in the process of adaptation, so far the process has been slow but sure. Remember to remain meticulous with the words you say in order to avoid problems with your co-workers.

What to expect from 2018?

Better health. It is necessary to invest in this part of your life, remember that being physically fit guarantees better performance and stability in everyday life. See your doctor during the first trimester for a general evaluation. In this way you will be able to live a full 2018. On the other hand, it is ideal to be a little more cautious with your finances. We know very well that you like to buy others, so this year you should start being thrifty in order to improve your economy to remedy any unforeseen money. It depends on you that 2018 is a better time than the previous one, remember that you are destined for success as long as you work with perseverance and commitment.