Holiday to Bulgaria: Sunny Beaches and Golden Sands?

Bulgaria is a very attractive country with magnetic beaches that attract tourists from all over the world. Blue sea, golden sands and beautiful scenery – all this is waiting to be discovered here. Here you can relax deeply and immerse yourself in a completely different everyday life. Undoubtedly, the most famous places are resorts like Sunny Beach and Golden Sands. Which of them to choose a dream last minute holiday in Bulgaria ?

Bulgarian beach treasures

The wildness, the virginity of nature, the beauty and mystery, and at the same time the comfort, the pleasure of being in civilization and security – can all of these go hand in hand? The Bulgarian coast argues that there is no contradiction in this. The beaches here are magical, and the nature is fresh and untouched by humans. At the same time, a comfortable hotel, many attractions and ideas for spending free time await tourists here. Both the active and the lazier.

The beach here is very wide, wide and wild. Here you can admire bays, rock cliffs and discover your own magical place. However, Bulgarian beaches, and especially resorts like Sunny Beach or Golden Sands, are not just lazy to relax or admire the beauty. It’s also fun until dawn, lots of clubs, discotheques, parties and lots of opportunities to spend time actively. Everyone can find a place here, especially those who love the sun, various sensations and relaxation in various forms.

Attractions await at Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach is one of the most famous and recognizable holiday resorts in Bulgaria. This place is perfect for a crazy last minute trip or a planned getaway with family or friends. The location here is very important, as the resort is situated on the sunniest part of the Bulgarian coast. So you can expect lots of heat and nice sunny days here.

Sunny Beaches Bulgaria
Sunny Beaches Bulgaria

Sunny Beach is located near Burgas, has a wide hotel base and offers many attractions for both adults and children. Among them, there are water parks and amusement parks, as well as recreational activities such as horseback riding or wall climbing. Water sports enthusiasts will also find their place here.

Of course, Sunny Beach is also a beach. Spacious, wide, with a gentle descent into the sea. It is an ideal place for families with children, as well as for everyone who likes to relax between the sun and the sound of the waves. You can only expect gentle ocean currents here, which really favors deep relaxation. In the evening, many discotheques, clubs and bars invite you to meet friends, to endless madness and fun. It is also worth visiting the interesting monuments in the region.

Golden Sands and its fascinating history

Golden Sands is an equally popular and frequented resort on the Bulgarian coast. Their history is related to the pirates who probably buried their precious gold there. According to legend, over time, it turned into sand, on which you can now walk with pleasure. But it’s not just the beaches that are stunning in this place.

Sunny Beaches Bulgaria
Sunny Beaches Bulgaria

An ideal place to relax, as there are many green areas and interesting natural places here. A magical and fragrant forest stretches along the coast, inviting you to take long and energetic walks, and the local mineral springs also have healing properties. They are very helpful in the treatment of rheumatism or asthma and in relieving the symptoms of stress.

Golden Sands is not only peace, quiet and nature. It’s also endless nightlife possibilities – the huge number of casinos, bars and discos makes it impossible to get bored here. During the day, additional attractions, for example, an equestrian base or a water park. Also worth seeing the marina.

As you can see, Sunny Beach and Golden Sands tempt and invite you to great accommodation conditions, many attractions and beautiful nature. It’s undoubtedly a little quieter at Golden Sands, and more craziness awaits at Sunny Beach. However, it can be a very individual experience depending on many factors.

Each of these destinations is perfect for a dream vacation with the family, as well as a romantic getaway or a quiet adventure. The warm sea invites you to relax, and cheap prices – to stay longer and take advantage of the various attractions that await at each resort. Both are very interesting and full of various recreational options. You should also try regional cuisine and meet the local culture.

When is it worth going to the Bulgarian coast?

When choosing a last minute vacation to Sunny Beach, or perhaps a pre-planned vacation, it’s a good idea to take weather and atmospheric conditions into account. Interestingly, you can count on the sun every day in the summer, which makes this place one of the most preferred vacation destinations by many tourists. Interestingly, in this part of Bulgaria there are as many as 300 sunny days in a year.

The climate in this part of the world is Mediterranean, which means that summers are hot, humidity is moderate, and winters are wet and mildly cool. From May to October, the water temperature in the sea reaches 20 degrees, so lovers of swimming among the waves can confidently come here at this time. The average summer temperature is 24 degrees during the day and 15 degrees at night. Sunny Beach is surrounded by mountains to the north and the Black Sea to the east. This makes the local climate one of the healthiest in Europe.

Golden Sands invites you at the same time as Sunny Beach. The hottest months here are from June to August. Although in May you can expect nice weather and warm sea temperatures. The coldest here is in winter, from December to February. The average temperature in July is 25 degrees Celsius, and in August it is 26 degrees. In September, the sea temperature is still above 20 degrees.